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In our penultimate 70th birthday edition, Meanjin wonders what it takes to make a city: Diana Wells visits Melbourne's ever-shifting outer edge and David Nichols takes a walk through the early housing commission suburb of Doveton. Elizabeth Glickfeld considers Melbourne's latest logo and corporate culture; Rachel Weaver reminds us that, not so long ago, morgues were a place a town's citizens went to be entertained; Michael Harden looks at the impact of the law and policy on the bar and restaurant industry; Chris Womersley talks about place in writing; Ben Eltham paints a portrait of the Nicholas Building, Melbourne's informal artistic hub; and Noni Sharp revisits the legend of the Little Wanderers. Paul Daley investigates the truth behind the Anzac Day myth, Jeremy Fisher surveys e-books and Australian publishing for Meanland and John Potts defends the book from declarations of death. Sophie Cunningham talks to the great travel writer, William Dalrymple; George Dunford diagnoses Second Novel Syndrome; Anthony Macris considers that great film All About Eve; Maria Takolander comes to understand the lessons she's learnt from literature and Matthew Ricketson looks at long form journalism and the legacy of Truman Capote's, In Cold Blood. We have fiction by Jennifer Mills, Simone Lazaroo, Cathy Cole, Natalie Sprite and Belinda Rule.

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Meanjin. Vol. 69, no. 3 by Sophie Cunningham audiobook

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Meanjin. Vol. 69, no. 3 ebook review

Meanjin. Vol. 69, no. 3 audiobook review

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