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Just how far will I go to claim her?

I’m Hayden.
I’m old enough to know better.
I can have any woman I want—except Perrie Atkins.
She’s too young. Off limits. Innocent. Forbidden.
She’s my best friend’s daughter.
Once, she had a crush on me. Now that she’s grown and engaged to another man, I can’t just let her go. But how many bridges am I willing to burn to convince her that she’s mine?
Maybe if I tell her I’m in love with her, she’ll choose me.
Then again, Perrie has shocked me for years—and now is no different…

Enjoy this Forbidden Confession. HEA guaranteed!

(Originally published in the Alphas Confess All anthology)

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Seducing the Bride (Forbidden Confessions, #2) by Shayla Black audiobook

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Shayla Black

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Seducing the Bride (Forbidden Confessions, #2) ebook review

Seducing the Bride (Forbidden Confessions, #2) audiobook review