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A curvy woman and bad boy biker mc insta love romance


It’s hard for me to not have my gaze slide over him again. All of the tattooed muscle is enough to make a girl swoon. I just know under the plain black t-shirt, washboard abs are hiding. I look at his bike, and the leather jacket casually draped over the seat and reign my thoughts in. He might look like he walked out of my favorite bike show with his muscles, tattoos, dark hair, and piercing blue eye, but he is off-limits. I need this teaching job, and I can’t risk it by getting involved with someone who is running drugs and illegal poker games.


I’m in trouble, and I’m going to need some help. I shake my head at the thought. Even with the kid in tow, I’m still the President of an illegal biker gang. I pour another cup of coffee into my extra-large mug. I didn’t sleep all night just sat on the deck, looking up at the stars, thinking about what it is I want out of my life. I want to be with Liz. I know that I’m in love with her. She is so good with Sunny, and we all just fit together. I know that I need to step down from the club and go straight, but I am afraid. The club is all I have known since I was 14. What if I can’t hack it going straight? What if I fail Sunny and Liz?

"Drake" is a steamy, sweet, and SHORT, curvy woman and bad boy biker insta love romance. This is the second story in the Black Hearts MC series, but it can also be read as a standalone with a sweet HEA. NO cheating. NO cliffhangers. If you love action-packed motorcycle club romance, then rev it up and one-click your copy today!

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Drake (Black Hearts MC #2) by Ruth Colby audiobook

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Drake (Black Hearts MC #2) ebook review

Drake (Black Hearts MC #2) audiobook review