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Four persons, two men and two women of different nationalities travelled in the Mars shuttle. No human till date had reached Mars. These four astronauts took the risk to go to a strange planet Mars and that also in 50 days. No one can stay for a very long time in space due to lot of dangers. These four also faced lots of dangers like space dust, solar effects, meteorites and black hole on their way. During this dangerous journey, they also shared their love stories. How they left their loved ones to travel in the Mars shuttle? How they came out of the danger of space dust, meteorite and massive black hole? Have they reached Mars in the targeted 50 days? Author has narrated everything very dramatically, with the dilemma between human behavior and science & technology.

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Mars, Love & Breakup by Pravin  Anand audiobook

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Pravin Anand

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Mars, Love & Breakup ebook review

Mars, Love & Breakup audiobook review