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From Book 1: *** Previously included in the Sweet Seduction boxed set. ***

A man who lost his future…

Macon Miles knows what it means to make sacrifices for his country. Married to his high school sweetheart, he once had a promising future in the military and everything seemed complete. All that changed when a routine patrol in Afghanistan turned into a nightmare. When the dust settled, Macon had lost his career, his wife, and his leg. Lost and alone, his only comfort comes from his newfound love of cooking. When his estranged brother, Adam, offers him a new home and a chance to work at a friend’s restaurant in Dallas, it’s an offer he can’t refuse.

A woman searching for the past…

Allyson Jones made her foster mother a deathbed promise. She would find out what really happened to Ronnie in Afghanistan. Ally doesn’t believe the Army’s reports about her foster brother’s death, and she knows only one man can tell her what really happened—Macon Miles. Following him to Dallas, she gets a job working alongside him at Top, Sean Taggart’s decadent new restaurant. She is sure Macon is hiding something about Ronnie’s death, and she’ll do whatever it takes to unravel the mystery.

When circumstances force Macon and Ally together, their chemistry is hotter than any dish at Top. But when Ally’s deception is exposed and the truth about Ronnie’s death is revealed, will they be able to reclaim the love they’ve lost?

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Luscious (Topped, #1; Masters and Mercenaries, #8.2) by Lexi Blake audiobook

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Luscious (Topped, #1; Masters and Mercenaries, #8.2) ebook review

Luscious (Topped, #1; Masters and Mercenaries, #8.2) audiobook review