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Emma Banks is a strong, single, independent woman who’s busy building her fashion empire. She doesn’t have time for men unless it’s on her terms–quick and convenient.
Emma makes no apologies for the way she lives her life.
That was until Anderson West walked in.
All six-foot-six of him.
He was supposed to be a bit of fun to pass the time.
But then Vegas happened.
And they woke with the mother of all headaches and gold bands on their fingers.
Two people allergic to commitment have merged as one.
They thought it would be a funny story they could laugh about, until Anderson’s family made her an offer she could not refuse.

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The Merger (Playboys of New York, #3) by J.A. Low audiobook

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J.A. Low

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The Merger (Playboys of New York, #3) ebook review

The Merger (Playboys of New York, #3) audiobook review