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Isabel reaches Karth, tormented by the influence of the Wraith Queen, and quickly becomes embroiled in the conflict between the House of Karth and the Reishi Army Regency. Before she can form any meaningful alliance with the Karth family, she must first challenge a dark and sinister power that has kept the Isle of Karth in thrall for millennia.

The harsh snows of winter have arrived, stalling open warfare in Fellenden, but Zuhl presses the attack, relying on the power of his dragons to carry the day and dealing a blow to Alexander that is as devastating as it is personal.

Abandoned by the love of his life, Alexander wakes among the dragons of Tyr. Bedridden by a grievous injury, he struggles with the limitations of his magic in a desperate effort to help the two people he loves most survive the winter, while also preparing his allies for the coming spring. What he discovers about the true nature of his calling might change everything.

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Cursed Bones  (Sovereign of the Seven Isles, #5) by David A. Wells audiobook

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Cursed Bones (Sovereign of the Seven Isles, #5) ebook review

Cursed Bones (Sovereign of the Seven Isles, #5) audiobook review