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An unstoppable anthology of crime stories culled from Black Mask magazine the legendary publication that turned a pulp phenomenon into literary mainstream. 
Black Mask was the apotheosis of noir.  It was the magazine where the first hardboiled detective story, which was written by Carroll John Daly appeared.  It was the slum in which such American literary titans like Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler got their start, and it was the home of stories with titles like “Murder Is Bad Luck,” “Ten Carets of Lead,” and “Drop Dead Twice.” Collected here is best of the best, the hardest of the hardboiled, and the darkest of the dark of America’s finest crime fiction. This masterpiece collection represents a high watermark of America’s underbelly. Crime writing gets no better than this.


Erle Stanley Gardner: Come and Get It
Fredric Brown: Cry Silence
Peter Collison: Arson Plus
Fredrick Nebel: Doors in the Dark
Lester Dent: Luck
Dashiell Hammett: The Maltese Falcon
Stewart Sterling: Ten Carats of Lead
Wyatt Blassingame: Murder Is Bad Luck
Talmadge Powell: Her Dagger Before Me
Charles G. Booth: One Shot
Richard Sale: The Dancing Rats
Katherine Brocklebank: Bracelets
Thomas Walsh: Diamonds Mean Death
Roul Whitfield: Murder in the Ring
Walter C. Brown: The Parrot That Wouldn’t Talk
Merle Constiner: Let the Dead Alone
Carrol John Daly: Knights of the Open Palm
William Cole: Waiting for Rusty
Ramon Decolta: Rainbow Diamonds
William Rollins Jr.: The Ring on the Hand of Death
Theodore A. Tinsley: Body Snatcher
D wight V. Babcock: Murder on the Gayway
Cleve F. Adams: The Key
William Campbell Gault: The Bloody Bokhara
Brett Halliday: A Taste for Cognac
Day Keene: Sauce for the Gander
W.T. Ballard: A Little Different
Charles M. Green: The Shrieking Skeleton
Hank Searls: Drop Dead Twice
Dale Clark: The Sound of the Shot
Frederick C. Davis: Flaming Angel
Don M. Mankiewicz: Odds on Death
Norvell Page: Those Catrini
Hugh B. Cave: Smoke in Your Eyes
Robert Reeves: Blood, Sweat and Biers
Whitman Chambers: The Black Bottle
Milton K. Ozaki: The Corpse The Didn’t Kick
Raymond Chandler: Try the Girl
Norbert Davis: Don’t You Cry for Me
Ray Cummings: T. McGuirk Steals A Diamond
Steve Fisher: Wait For Me
Frank Gruber: Ask Me Another
Horcase McCoy: Dirty Work
Julius Long: Merely Murder
John D. MacDonald: Murder in One Syllable
H.H. Stinson: Three Apes from the East
D.L. Champion Death Stops Payment
Richard Connell: The Color of Honor
Bruno Fischer: Middleman for Murder
Richard Deming: The Man Who Choose the Devil
C.M. Kornbluth: Beer-Bottle Polka
Cornell Wollrich: Borrowed Crime

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The Black Lizard Big Book of Black Mask Stories by Otto Penzler audiobook

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The Black Lizard Big Book of Black Mask Stories ebook download free

The Black Lizard Big Book of Black Mask Stories audiobook download free