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The Comedy of Human Life (La Comédie Humaine) is the collective title given to a series of linked stories by Balzac, totalling about 100 in all, and loosely divided into groups, such as provincial, Parisian, political, military, and country. Conceived in 1834, his idea was to produce a work with philosophical underpinnings which would survey all aspects of French society from the Revolution to his own time. Originally intended to comprise some 150 novels and short stories featuring around 2,000 characters, this gargantuan project was about two-thirds completed by the time of Balzac’s death. Volume VII includes some of the best stories from the series, concerning marriage, spoiled children, beauty, money, the aristocracy, child abuse and "the art of living."

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Comedy of Human Life, Vol. 7 by Honoré de Balzac audiobook

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Comedy of Human Life, Vol. 7 ebook download free

Comedy of Human Life, Vol. 7 audiobook download free

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