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This is the true, first-hand account of one woman's corageous struggle for justice, and the story that in 2001 made the eyes of the world turn to the small Nigerian village of Tungar Tudu. Safiya Hussaini was accused of adultery, arreseted and taken from her farming village in northern Nigeria. Brought before a Sharia court, she was sentenced to death by stoning. Her crime was to become pregnant outside of marriage and to give birth to her little girl, Adama. The child's father at first accepted responsibility, but then changed his story, denied everything and was released without penalty. Betrayed, terrified and outcast, Safiya summoned the strength to fight for her life. Supported by her family, her lawyer and her faith in Allah, she was determined to stay alive to care for her little girl.

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I, Safiya by Safiya Hussaini Tungar Tudu audiobook

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Safiya Hussaini Tungar Tudu

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