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Will Mary and Betty survive their time at the camp, or will they become part of a spooky campfire story about two women who were swallowed by the woods?

Mary Holland is excited about driving to Oregon with her best friend, Betty, and helping her cousin fix up a camp for children living in poverty. The drive from Tennessee to Oregon is peaceful and fun. But when Mary and Betty arrive at a wooden gate that separates the camp from the world, a strange and scary feeling washes over both of them. What is beyond the gate? What danger is lurking in the deep woods of Oregon? Desperate to shake away the fear, Mary decides to go ahead and drive to the camp, where to her relief, she finds her cousin and three other people having a picnic beside a beautiful lake.

All seems well until one of the people at the picnic turns up dead. Then, to make matters worse, a strange figure cuts all the tires of the cars parked at the camp and then destroys the wooden bridge, trapping everyone at the camp just as a scary storm arrives. Mary and Betty are forced to seek the truth through wind, rain, and thunder, while running through dark woods. And just when the truth seems to have been found, a horrible villain appears and confesses a dangerous secret that traps everyone in a state of fear.

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Murder at Camp (Pineville Gazette #5) by Wendy Meadows audiobook

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Murder at Camp (Pineville Gazette #5) ebook review

Murder at Camp (Pineville Gazette #5) audiobook review