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“Who are you, Olivia?” Only if I stand in her shadow will I truly know who she is, and what she has been through.

She is tortured and broken, lost and all alone.
I have no choice, I am obliged to help her, as a favor to my closest friend.
Now I am burdened with her nightmares, drowning in all her tears.
She is broken, just like me.
Olivia is devastatingly beautiful and undeniably strong, and I fear I have come to need her more than I need my next breath.

“The truth will always haunt me, even though it’s set me free.”
I am trapped in the darkness, buried under a lifetime of lies,
Cole rescued me. He protected me, and he is helping me heal,
but he doesn’t know all of my secrets, the ones that haunt me in my dreams.
I was abandoned and sold into a life that took away all my choices.
Now I know the truth, I can start to make peace with my past, but how can I trust him? How can I open my heart when all I know is pain and betrayal? All I’ve ever known are lies.

Olivia Johansson’s traumatic past has left her not knowing who she is and where she belongs in the world. When Cole Prescott finds her and starts to unravel the truth behind all the years of lies, he tries to gain Olivia’s trust and help her rehabilitate. However, he has his own demons to fight.
If Cole opens up his guarded heart to Olivia, he also opens up the possibility of losing her. Forever.

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Truth in Lies (Truth & Lies Duet, #1) by Maggie  Kay audiobook

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Truth in Lies (Truth & Lies Duet, #1) ebook download free

Truth in Lies (Truth & Lies Duet, #1) audiobook download free