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Daniella Morton is thrilled to have finally come to Edinburgh, the incredible capitol of Scotland. She’s dreamt of the trip since childhood. It’s just that she never imagined that she would make the trip, well, alone. She finds herself dwelling on this fact a little too often for her own comfort, and though she has wished on more than one occasion to meet a real highlander, she never imagined that the universe would answer her prayers by turning her world upside down. While visiting the castle with a group of fellow tourists, she finds herself uncharacteristically bold, and dares to wander down a roped off passage and away from the insufferable, unending chatter stemming from the beaten path.

But Daniella wanders further than she ever intended, and when her hand accidentally brushes against an ancient tapestry hanging on the wall, Daniella finds herself trapped in a castle under fire, holed up with the Queen’s supporters who are desperately trying to defend against the onslaught of English forces. And amidst the chaos, and her own half-baked, pathetic attempts to explain her outlandish dress and accent, she finds herself drawn to one man in particular- the leader of the siege, Sir William Kirkcaldy of Grange. Charismatic and passionate, William is a true Scotsman—and the first man to truly catch Daniella’s eye in a very long time. But can their blossoming love survive the odds of the siege and the centuries that separate her from her lover?

Warning! This ebook contains explicit scenes of passion and desire. For adult eyes only!!!

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Highlander Bonding by Diane Queenston audiobook

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Highlander Bonding ebook review

Highlander Bonding audiobook review