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The works of Edgar Allan Poe have enthralled and terrified readers for over 150 years. His stories' macabre blend of doomed romanticism, gothic melodrama and ghoulish destiny has made him one of crime fiction's greatest authors. Famous for his poems and short stories Poe, who was born in Boston in 1809, laid the foundations for the modern detective story and psychological thriller.

Nevermore brings Poe to a new audience, showcasing some of his most memorable stories, here Poe's short stories are re-imagined and revived in this vibrant graphic novel anthology, where the cream of modern comics creators are let loose in the playground of Poe's limitless imagination.

From the despair of love lost in The Raven, to the psychological terror of The Tell Tale Heart and the fantastical detective work of The Murders In The Rue Morgue, beloved classics are brought to live with renewed vigour.

"These versions of Poe's best-loved and less familiar tales are destined to capture the imagination of a generation new to the master of terror, as well as delight long time admirers of Poe." - Roger Corman

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Nevermore (Classical Eye) by Dan Whitehead audiobook

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Nevermore (Classical Eye) ebook download free

Nevermore (Classical Eye) audiobook download free