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Sébastien Japrisot was a French author, screenwriter and film director, born in Marseille. His pseudonym was an anagram of Jean-Baptiste Rossi, his real name. Japrisot has been nicknamed "the Graham Greene of France".
Famous in the Francophony, he was little known in the English-speaking world, though a number of his novels have been translated into English and have been made into films.
His first novel, Les mal partis was written at the age of 16 and published under his real name (see also author profile of Jean-Baptiste Rossi).

Sébastien Japrisot is the author of books: A Very Long Engagement, The Lady in the Car with Glasses and a Gun, Trap for Cinderella, One Deadly Summer, The Sleeping Car Murders, Les Mal Partis, Women in Evidence, Goodbye, Friend, Le passager de la pluie, La course du lièvre à travers les champs

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In January 1917, five wounded French soldiers, their hands bound behind them, are brought to the front at Picardy by their own troops, forced into the no-man's land between the French and German armies, and left to die in the cross fire. Their brutal punishment has been hushed up for more than two years when Mathilde Donnay, unable to walk since childhood, begins a relentless quest to find out whether her fiancé, officially "killed in the line of duty," might still be alive. Tipped off by a letter from a dying soldier, the shrewd, sardonic, and wonderfully imaginative Mathilde scours the country for information about the men. As she carries her search to its end, an elaborate web of deception and coincidence emerges, and Mathilde comes to an understanding of the horrors, and the acts of kindness, brought about by war.

A runaway bestseller in France and the winner of the 1991 Prix Interallié, this astonishing novel is many things at once: an absorbing mystery, a playful study of the different ways one story can be told, a moving and incisive portrait of life in France during and after the First World War, and a love story of transforming power and beauty.
Dany Longo is blonde, beautiful, disturbed, passionate--and nearsighted. As she speeds through the south of France in a purloined Thunderbird on an errand for her employer and his wife, no one, including Dany herself, knows where she is headed--or why she is going there.
A racy, chilling noir mystery of mistaken identity, deception, and greed by the author of A Very Long Engagement.A suspicious fire consumes a beach house at a southern French resort. Two young women -- friends on the surface but deep down foes -- are trapped inside. One is rich, the other poor. One is killed and the other survives, burned beyond recognition and in a state of total amnesia. Plastic surgery gives her a new pretty face, but it can not restore her memory of her identity. Who is she? The heiress or her friend? A killer or an intended victim? Only one person knows the truth about the betrayal and hair-raising terror which took place that night. And she is not about to give it away...Winner of France's most prestigious crime-fiction award, Trap for Cinderella is an engrossing tour de force by a master of mystery and deception.
‘A master of psychological suspense ’ New York Times

Beautiful newcomer, Elle, has turned the head of every man in the village. But it’s Fiorimond, the local mechanic, who wants her more.
After just one date she moves in with him and his family. As Fiorimond starts to wonder if he’s doing the right thing, he has no idea that Elle is planning to avenge a terrible crime from the past…

Set in the 1970s, and available in English again for the first time in decades, this is a true classic of French suspense.
A beautiful young woman lies sprawled on her berth in the sleeping car of the night train from Marseilles to Paris. She is not in the embrace of sleep, or even in the arms of one of her many lovers. She is dead. And the unpleasant task of finding her killer is handed to an overworked, crime-weary police detective named Pierre Emile Grazziano, nicknamed Grazzi, who would rather play hide-and-seek with his little son than cat and mouse with a diabolically cunning, savage murderer.
Marseille sous l'Occupation. Denis Leterrand, quatorze ans, est élève dans un collège de jésuites. À l'hôpital, où les collégiens rendent visite aux malades, Denis croise une jeune religieuse, sœur Clotilde. Dès lors, il ne vit plus que pour la revoir. Sœur Clotilde, elle, ne sait plus quel nom donner à cette relation qui s'enflamme. Ils deviennent amants. La famille, l'âge, la religion : tout est contre eux. Ils fuient vers la paix et la solitude, mais leur histoire est celle d'une passion condamnée, ponctuée de scènes d'amour intenses. Les mal partis est le premier roman écrit par Sébastien Japrisot à dix-sept ans.
Sebastien Japrisot is one of the most highly recognized French authors of his time, and his novels have achieved major international success. Set against the backdrop of World War II, 'Women in Evidence' is one of his most breathtaking works to date.

Marie Martine's lover is dead. After many years battling to clear his name of a heinous crime she knows he didn't commit, Marie has freed him, only to invite his demise from the most unexpected corner. His name was Christophe, and he had many lovers besides Marie: an actress, a school-teacher, a prostitute, a U.S. Army nurse, a gypsy. Though each has suffered grave hurt by his mercurial affections, their forgiving remembrances, captured by the loyal Marie, are what save him from certain doom in the jailer's noose. But which one could not forgive? Which one fired the shot that killed Christophe, leaving him to die on a deserted beach, only moments after his pardon?

Japrisot expertly weaves the women's voices to piece together a story that, though distorted by the contradictions of memory, reveals valuable truths about love and human nature. 'Women in Evidence' is a rich and tragic tale of the extraordinary resilience of the female heart that is sure to be welcomed warmly by American readers.
«Je ne suis pas seul. Il est avec moi. Lui est américain, moi français. Nous parlons la même langue : celle des rats.Nous sommes enfermés dans un labyrinthe. Sans eau, sans montre, sans lumière, sans rien d'autre que notre volonté de forcer un coffre-fort avec nos mains nues.Pas pour y prendre de l'argent : pour en mettre.De toute manière, si le coffre s'ouvre, nous nous entre-tuerons...»
Une petite station balnéaire en automne. Une jeune femme sage, mariée à un navigateur aérien: Mellie. Un soir de pluie, toute sa vie bascule : le passager d'un autocar qui n'amène plus personne la surprend chez elle, l'attache sur son lit et la violente.
Le passager de la pluie a connu à l'écran un succès considérable dans le monde entier. Le film, remarquablement mis en scène par René Clément, est interprété par Marlène Jobert et Charles Bronson.
Ils ont trouvé un lit-cage et ils m'ont mis dedans.
Ils m'ont attaché les mains, ils m'ont empêché de manger, ils ont creusé ma tombe pour me faire peur. Mais je ne leur ai pas rendu leurs billes. Alors, ils m'ont pris avec aux. Ils avaient des fusils et un canif et un camion de pompiers et même une poupée qui parle. On était sur une île, en Amérique. On avait chacun notre nom. On voulait attaquer un gratte-ciel et tous les policiers du monde étaient contre nous.
Et on essayait de ne pas entendre nos mères qui nous appelaient.