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Hans Peter Richter (1926–1993) was a German author. Born in Cologne, Germany, went to school in Germany, went to the university of Hannover, and graduated in 1968. He also spent some of his life in the German army. Richter wrote many books for children and young adults. Notable among them is the novel Friedrich (in German Damals War Es Friedrich), about the persecution of Jews in Germany during the Holocaust. Friedrich (published in 1970) was the subject of an American Library Association 1972 ALSC Batchelder Award. -- Richter also published several books on sociology and psychology.

Hans Peter Richter is the author of books: Friedrich, I Was There, The Time Of The Young Soldiers, Mon Ami Frederic, Mohammed, Schriftsteller erzählen von der Gerechtigkeit, Saint-Just und die Französische Revolution, einfach lesen! Niveau 2 - Damals war es Friedrich: Ein Leseprojekt zu dem gleichnamigen Roman von Hans Peter Richter. Arbeitsbuch mit Lösungen, Damals war es Friedrich, Kompressionssyndrome Peripherer Nerven

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Friedrich and his best friend were growing up in Germany in the early 1930s. At first, Friedrich seemed to be the more fortunate, but when Hitler came to power, things began to change. Friedrich was expelled from school and became an orphan when his mother died and his father was arrested and deported.

This is a terrifying story of the destruction of a single Jewish family.
A young German boy narrates his experiences in the Hitler youth movement during the early years of the Third Reich.