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Thomas Schumacher is the author of books: How Does the Show Go On: An Introduction to the Theater, How Does the Show Go On The Frozen Edition: An Introduction to the Theater, Papenburg, Bischof - Presbyter - Diakon: Geschichte und Theologie des Amtes im Überblick, Fortpflanzung stop!: Was tun, wenn der Mensch die Erde auffrisst?, Der heilige Nikolaus, Bischof von Myra: Annäherungen aus Geschichte, Legenden und Theologie, Warum ich nein zur Organspende gesagt habe: Fakten • Motive • Argumente, Die Soziale Arbeit Und Ihre Bezugswissenschaften, Geschichte der Weihnachtsgeschichte: Ein historischer und theologischer Schlüssel, Ehe als Sakrament verstehen

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What's hiding behind those curtains on the stage? How does a huge set appear so quickly between scenes? Just two of the many questions answered in this visual compendium.
Filled with detailed explanations, captivating illustrations, and entertaining trivia, this clearly written, lively, and uniquely designed book offers a comprehensive introduction to the world of the theater from the box office to backstage, and beyond. Readers enter via the front door, where the people and activities of the "front of house" can be examined. And then it's on to the behind-the-scenes magic of the "back of house" is revealed.
Using the successful array of Disney's shows as examples, readers encounter the people, places, occupations, and equipment of the theater world, and have the opportunity to investigate them all. From the box office and the usher staff to the dressing rooms and the backstage doorman, the reader may wander at will within this one-of-a-kind world, discovering the wonders of theater all along the way.
Die Reihe Bildung - Soziale Arbeit - Gesundheit wird herausgegeben von der Katholischen Stiftungshochschule M�nchen. Sie pr�sentiert Beitr�ge theoretischer und anwendungsbezogener Forschung und Entwicklung in den Bereichen Bildung - Soziale Arbeit - Gesundheit.