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Elizabeth McDavid Jones - book author

Elizabeth McDavid Jones was born in 1958 in South Carolina. When she was a child, she moved in Raleigh, North Carolina. She graduated from East Carolina University and started a career in social work. When Jones earned a master's degree in literature in 1996, she changed her career to a university literature. During this period, she began writing children's books. She is a mother of four children.

She is the author of nine books and many magazine and serial stories for young people. Her books have sold over 750,000 copies. She is particularly known for her work writing with American Girl.

Elizabeth McDavid Jones is the author of books: Peril at King's Creek: A Felicity Mystery, The Night Flyers (American Girl History Mysteries, #3), Traitor in Williamsburg: A Felicity Mystery, Secrets on 26th Street (American Girl History Mysteries, #5), Lady Margaret's Ghost: A Felicity Mystery (American Girl Mysteries, Watcher in the Piney Woods (American Girl History Mysteries, #9), Mystery on Skull Island (American Girl History Mysteries, #15), Missing Grace: A Kit Mystery, Ghost Light on Graveyard Shoal (American Girl History Mysteries, #21), Lady Margaret's Ghost, Peril at King's Creek, Traitor in Williamsburg

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Felicity is spending the summer of 1776 at her family's Virginia plantation, King's Creek, where she rides her beloved horse Penny every day. But soon Felicity hears news that British soldiers are burning Patriot farms and raiding their animals. Could the British threaten King's Creek…and Penny?
These suspenseful stories will leave readers on the edge of their seats! Each spine-tingling tale features a brave, clever girl solving an intriguing mystery at an important time in America's past.
When Pam's homing pigeons disappear while her father's away fighting in World War I, she uncovers evidence of an enemy spy.
Felicity Merriman is alarmed when mysterious notices appear in Williamsburg, falsely accusing her friend Fiona's father of helping th British. With the Revolution heating up, Felicity knows the accusations will bring danger to Fiona's family. Then Felicity's own father is accused of being a traitor, too, and she decides she has to find out who's making the terrible accusations!
Set in 1776.
In New York City in 1914, eleven-year-old Susan encounters a mystery through an independent-minded female boarder and becomes involved in the growing suffrage movement.
Felicity has just said good-bye to her mother, who's going on a trip and leaving Felicity in charge of the house. Mother's carriage has barely left before a surprise package arrives, holding silver heirlooms that have been passed down in the Merriman family for a hundred years. Felicity doesn't believe in ghosts ... but what else can explain the odd and eerie things that begin to happen once the heirlooms arrive? Includes an illustrated "Looking Back" essay that provides facts about Felicity's time.
It's 1724 in South Carolina and young Rachel is forbidden to see her friend Sally. When the girls sneak off to meet they find a human skull, a secret cave--and pirates.
Kit writes a newspaper story about how her dog, Grace, saved the Kittredges and their boarders from a house fire. Grace becomes a local celebrity, and all the attention is a lot of fun for Kit--until the night Grace mysteriously vanishes. But who would take Kit's dog, and why? At the end of the story, the Looking Back section provides interesting facts about pets during the Great Depression.
A Peek into the Past, a nonfiction section at the back of each book, brings the time and place to life through vivid historical photographs and fascinating stories and information.
Felicity Mystery 3-Pack. Felicity Merriman is a loyal, independent girl growing up in colonial Virginia in 1774, just before the Revolutionary War. Felicity is impatient doing the 'sitting-down kinds of things' that colonial girls are expected to do. she much prefers to be outdoors, especially riding horses! In her stories, Felicity learns about loyalty and responsibility, and what it means to be truly independent