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Diksha Basu - book author

Diksha Basu is a writer and occasional actor.

Originally from New Delhi, India, she holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Columbia University and now divides her time between New York City and Mumbai.

Diksha Basu is the author of books: The Windfall, Opening Night, The Wedding Party, Music of the Stars and other Love Stories

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For the past thirty years, Mr. and Mrs. Jha’s lives have been defined by cramped spaces, cut corners, gossipy neighbors, and the small dramas of stolen yoga pants and stale marriages. They thought they’d settled comfortably into their golden years, pleased with their son’s acceptance into an American business school. But then Mr. Jha comes into an enormous and unexpected sum of money, and moves his wife from their housing complex in East Delhi to the super-rich side of town, where he becomes eager to fit in as a man of status: skinny ties, hired guards, shoe-polishing machines, and all.

The move sets off a chain of events that rock their neighbors, their marriage, and their son, who is struggling to keep a lid on his romantic dilemmas and slipping grades, and brings unintended consequences, ultimately forcing the Jha family to reckon with what really matters..
This is the story of Naiya Kapur, a Princeton University graduate who comes to Mumbai to chase the big Indian dream Bollywood. Naiya isn't searching for her soulmate, or hoping to find her roots in the India her parents once knew; she is searching for fame, fortune and fun in the new India.We follow Naiya as she navigates the labyrinthine lanes of Mumbai and Bollywood, where identities are fluid and murky and where lines are meant to be crossed. In the middle of scuttling between auditions and parties of every hue, Naiya enters into a potentially happily ever after relationship that turns out to be an it s complicated one with a neurotic ex-model-turned-film producer. As she battles her demons and tries to deal with her increasingly tangled life, the stage is set for high drama, and her Opening Night.
Author of THE WINDFALL Diksha Basu's THE WEDDING PARTY, following a 35-year-old Indian-American TV producer who, along with her divorced parents, her mother's younger (and white) boyfriend, her best friend from Yale, her hard-partying, baby-coveting boss, and an extensive guest list of family and friends, travels to Delhi to attend the week-long traditional Indian wedding celebration of her fabulous and wealthy cousin, where she begins to reckon with the romantic and professional troubles brewing in her life.
A man born and raised in space station finds love on Earth.

Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is given an unusual, tongue-in-cheek twist.

Fumbling teen love unfolds at a dentist's clinic.

A romance begins with a malfunctioning toilet.

From intergalactic romances to magic realism and coming-of-age stories -- this diverse, beautifully written collection by various popular writers of young adult literature is a must read.