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I was born in Montevideo, Uruguay. My family relocated to the U.S. in the early 70s during the military upheaval there. I earned a B.A. in International Relations at the University of California, Santa Barbara, then an MFA in Creative Writing from Emerson College. I’ve worked as a newspaper reporter and a magazine editor. I’m now the Director of Spanish-Language Media at GLAAD.
My short stories have been anthologized and published in journals and magazines such as The Sun and The Rake. I’ve also written several plays. Broken Like This is my first novel.
I live in Los Angeles with my partner Valda and enjoy seeing my family and friends, reading, and getting to the beach as much as possible for some boogie boarding and smash ball.

Monica Trasandes is the author of books: Broken Like This

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"Trasandes eloquently renders the passionate and heartrending love’s rare to root for all sides of a love triangle, but the author’s depth of insight into her characters makes this a wonderfully accomplished first novel."Publisher's Weekly

An unforgettably haunting novel—intertwining stories reveal how a man and a woman fall in love with the same extraordinary person.

Broken Like This by Monica Trasandes is the saga of Kate Harrington—who for the past fifteen years has been the muse, provocateur and lodestone in the lives of Louis Ross and Angela Agnelli. After a car accident in Ibiza, Kate lies comatose and is, unbeknownst to anyone, two months pregnant. Angela and Louis both fly to her side, as does Kate’s step-father, who’s been a dark presence in all of their lives for many years. Told in present day and breathtaking flashbacks, by turns bittersweet and brutally honest—this is a remarkable debut.

What begins as an evocative story of love and identity evolves, faster and faster, into a high-scale drama. From sunny, Southern California to the sweaty, musical streets of Brazil; from a garden in Boston to a rooftop in Brooklyn—Broken Like This is a rare novel that captures the utter joy felt when meeting that person whose energy and passion will shape your life forever.