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Marisol Misenta (Isol) nació en 1972 en Buenos Aires, Argentina. Ilustra, escribe y diseña libros para niños y, paralelamente, transita por diversas disciplinas: plástica (estudió Bellas Artes en la Escuela Nacional "Rogelio Yrurtia"), poesía, historieta e ilustración. Y también por la música: es la voz del trío musical Entre Ríos (que integra junto a Sebastián Carreras y Gabriel Lucena) y forma parte como soprano del grupo de música barroca y renacentista The Excuse.

Sus libros, como autora o ilustradora, fueron publicados por importantes editoriales de México, España, Francia y Argentina.


Isol è nata in Argentina. Oltre a illustrare, scrivere e ideare i suoi libri, è poetessa, autrice di fumetti e cantante. In veste di illustratrice, è stata insignita nel 2003 del premio Golden Apple alla Biennale di Bratislava; il concept e le illustrazioni del suo È utile avere una paperella sono stati premiati dall’American Institute of Graphic Arts e dal Consejo de Diseñadores de México. Per due volte finalista del premio Hans Christian Andersen (nel 2006 e 2007), è annoverata tra i migliori illustratori al mondo. Ha vinto l’Astrid Lindgren Award nel 2013.

Isol is the author of books: Secreto de familia, It's Useful to Have a Duck, El Globo, The Menino: A Story Based on Real Events, Petit, the Monster, Daytime Visions: An Alphabet, Nocturne, Intercambio Cultural, Cosas que pasan, Regalo Sorpresa

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La niña de esta historia tiene un serio problema: una mañana se levanta más temprano que de costumbre y descubre un increíble secreto bien guardado por su madre hasta entonces. Un secreto que la hace a ella misma y a su familia distinta de todas las demás. ¿Cómo podrá comportarse normalmente despúes de saberlo?
A little boy finds a rubber duck and uses him as a hat, a straw, a nose. But how does the duck use the little boy? Turn the book over and we find a much warmer version of the same events told from the duck's point of view.

The witty line drawings and text by Isol, an extraordinarily gifted young author/illustrator, remind even the youngest child that there are two points of view, and more than one way to be.
A book for babies and their parents about the whole new world that they both encounter when the baby arrives.

When the new baby arrives, both the baby and the parents are in for a steep learning curve. In this book, born out of personal experience, internationally renowned author/illustrator Isol brings us a dual narrative and guide. For babies, there’s a rich range of images of babies and all their functions to look at. From crying, to nursing, to peeing and pooing, to looking, to hearing, to deciding that this weird new world they’ve entered is worth staying in (because they finally recognize that in every grown-up they see a former baby), there are hours of fun and amusement, since babies love nothing better than looking at and talking about themselves.

=For parents, this is a wonderful exploration of the new world this stranger-baby brings with them. Amusingly written, the text presents in a humorous, wry way all the facets of the new baby’s reality. A great gift for new parents both before and after baby is born.
Petit is puzzled. He's a good boy when he plays with his dog. But he's a bad boy when he pulls a girl's hair. He can be very nice to his grandfather but terrible to pigeons. It's good when he takes care of his toys, but very bad when he doesn't want to share them. In short, the world is mysterious to Petit. It's exhausting trying to figure it all out.

This book is a brilliant, funny and ever-so-true recreation of a small boy's world. The ambiguities and confusions confronting the behavior of human beings, even small children, are so perfectly and lovingly observed and so wonderfully illustrated that this book is a little masterpiece. Every child and every grownup with any honesty will recognize themselves in this story.
A many-layered alphabet book from an international star of the children's book world, Daytime Visions is graphically strong and intelligent in its exploration of words and situations. Whether it's a kiwi who returns to a boy's shoulder or a little duck who can't sleep, the visions here are relatable to children and rich with possibility.
Nominated for the Astrid Lindgren Prize

Nocturne: Dream Recipes is a unique bedtime book that hints at the magic inherent in dreaming.

Twelve glow-in-the-dark pictures present possible inspirations for a night in which the hidden world becomes visible. Just choose a dream from among the pictures and descriptions in the book, and then turn off the light to see a surprising glow-in-the-dark image. Included are dreams such as the dream of going far away, the boring book dream, the dream of the cat who smelled the tuna casserole, and even the drawn dream (which children can create themselves).

Once again Isol's extraordinary creativity and humor have produced a truly wonderful, very original book.