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Jeff Belanger was first introduced to ghosts and the supernatural at age ten, when he and some friends took a Ouija board to a known haunted house in Newtown, Connecticut. He has been writing about ghosts and the supernatural since 1997 when he first interviewed renowned ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren. In 1998, he was tapped to research and write the script for a documentary film on Dudleytown -- an abandoned ghost town in the hills of northeastern Connecticut. The documentary project was never sold, so he took the research and wrote the definitive work on the history and hauntings behind this legendary Connecticut town. That article would be the impetus for Belanger to start

Jeff brings personality and humor to this subject which makes him one of the most sought-after experts in the field. He's a regular lecturer on the subject of the supernatural, he's been a guest on more than 100 radio programs around the world, and has been featured in television programs covering the paranormal on ABC, NBC, and various regional television stations. Visit our Media Room for more information. was launched on October 31, 1999 as a repository for Belanger's research and writings on the subject of ghosts and the supernatural. Over time, the site grew to include a vast collection of ghost stories and ghost photos from around the world, and it is now one of the largest supernatural communities on the Web.

Jeff Belanger is the author of books: The World's Most Haunted Places: From the Secret Files of, Encyclopedia of Haunted Places: Ghostly Locales from Around the World, Weird Massachusetts: Your Travel Guide to Massachusetts' Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets, Our Haunted Lives: True Life Ghost Encounters, Who's Haunting the White House?: The President's Mansion and the Ghosts Who Live There, The Ghost Files: Paranormal Encounters, Discussion, and Research from the Vaults of, Nightmare Encyclopedia: Your Darkest Dreams Interpreted, Ghosts of War: Restless Spirits of Soldiers, Spies, And Saboteurs, Communicating With the Dead: Reach Beyond the Grave, What It's Like: To Climb Mount Everest, Blast Off Into Space, Survive a Tornado, and Other Extraordinary Stories

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Ghostly legends abound wherever history has made its mark-from battlefields to monuments, prisons to inns. If these places have existed for centuries or more, and if they are where history-especially tragic history-was made, ghost stories will inevitably follow.

The World's Most Haunted Places: From the Secret Files of explores the history, folklore, and ghostly legends behind some of the world's most fascinating points of interest. Objective, educational, and entertaining,'s founder, Jeff Belanger, speaks with witnesses, psychics, and ghost hunters who tell their stories and share their research on haunted places around the globe.

Take a world tour of history, the supernatural, and the macabre. You will explore libraries, museums, restaurants, inns, and landmarks from North America, South America, Europe, and Australia. But be careful: The World's Most Haunted Places may make you a believer!
The Encyclopedia of Haunted Places is the first directory to be written by dozens of the world's leading paranormal investigators. Research notes, location background, first-hand accounts, and many anomalous photographs featuring ghostly manifestations comprise the hundreds of haunted listings in this directory.
Massachusetts and weird: not too much of a stretch, some would say. But we dug a little deeper and found all kinds of local legends, bizarre beasts, surprising cemeteries, and uncovered the best kept secrets from all over the Bay State. Our state certainly celebrates more than just tea parties, the Red Sox and Patriots; folks from Massachusetts cherish their weird history too. Our brave and valiant author, Jeff Belanger, toured the state with camera and notepad in hand as he waded through cranberry bogs and trudged up the Berkshires to uncover the state's odd and offbeat. If it's unusual or unexplainable or fantastic, and in the Bay State, you'll find it all here in Weird Massachusetts. See how the world's biggest elephant now fits into a peanut butter jar and why it brings good luck to students, listen for those unexplained booms in Nashoba, discover the hidden secrets at Wizard's Glen and Altar Rock, escape from the Sea Witch and the Cape Cod Mermaid, check out the Museum of Burnt Food, or eat an apple from one of Isaac Newton's famous apple trees';but whatever you do, don't pick up a red-headed hitchhiker on Route 44. With so many places named after the devil, it's a wonder we're not called the Devil State or the Witch State, but see for yourself at the Witch Museum, dedicated to educating the public on what witchcraft was, and is today; for the really daring, unlock some of the spooky secrets at the Houghton Mansion or stay a night at the Concord's Colonial Inn. Look out for the Pukwudgees, circle around haunted trees in cemeteries, and enjoy one of the longest-named lakes in the world, or try climbing Dighton Rock and unravel the messages in its centuries-old carvings. It's all here. It's all weird and it's all in Massachusetts. A brand-new entry in the best-selling Weird U.S. series, Weird Massachusetts is packed with all that great stuff your history teacher wouldn't teach you. So get ready to join our author on his great adventure. It's a journey you'll never forget!
Ghost encounters are happening everyday to people everywhere, and the events prove that we are not alone. When people encounter what they perceive to be a ghost or spirit, their lives are forever changed. The ultimate question - Is there life after death? - has just been answered for them. Ghosts cross every culture and continent, and the belief in their existence is on the rise.

Our Haunted Lives features the stories of dozens of people who have witnessed the supernatural firsthand in their homes, at work, and in numerous other locations and explores the profound nature of ghosts and spirits. Through personal interviews, the author captures the many different facets of the experience - the touching, where people come in contact with a loved one who's passed on; the funny, where pranks are played or peculiar disembodied sounds are heard; and the frightening, where people still feel shaken by what they saw, heard, and felt. Ghosts are unbiased - they appear to people from all walks of life, ages, cultures, and religious backgrounds.

Our Haunted Lives features accounts from famous hauntings, such as an extensive interview with George Lutz - the man whose experiences with the paranormal in Amityville, Long Island launched debates, books, and movies. You'll hear from police officers who were the first on the scene after a homeowner reported a break-in, only to find the disturbance wasn't caused by someone living. Doctors who had a brush with the supernatural after losing a patient on the operating table will speak about the very emotional and profound events they witnessed. No, we are not alone.
Come explore the spooky world inside the White House! It’s one of America’s most famous and haunted homes, so keep your eyes wide open for darting shadows, ghostly apparitions, and lurking creepy creatures. We’ll hear true, scary stories from past Presidents and First Ladies, as well as from staff who work there every day and have had the chance to see it all. It’s the perfect election year book; as adults decide who will move in, kids can enjoy thinking of what the new inhabitant might encounter in the building’s many rooms and hallways.
Has the original landowner decided to stick around? Is Abigail Adams still hanging laundry on the premises? Does President Andrew Jackson still make a ruckus up in the Rose Guest Room? Is Abraham Lincoln a permanent fixture in the bedroom that bears his name? Every one of these figures, and others, has been spotted or heard from. To increase the chills, a variety of archival images and original illustrations capture the hauntings.
In addition to ghost-hunting, kids will learn about the real history inside the White House.
In 1999, was launched with the objective of exploring and openly discussing the subject of ghosts and the supernatural. What started then as six Web pages has exploded into more than 150,000 pages of personal encounters, research articles, and in-depth interviews with various experts, all supporting the existence of ghosts. Today, is the largest and most popular supernatural Web site, according to Google. People from around the world have found a place to share their encounters, evidence, and thoughts on the paranormal.

Now Jeff Belanger, the man behind this groundbreaking website, brings you The Ghost Files, a new book featuring compelling evidence and riveting discussion on one of the greatest mysteries of the human experience: what happens after death? Culled from the pages and files of, this book offers dozens of personal and profound accounts of ghost encounters, feature articles, commentary from the experts, and much more. Something like a "best of" the paranormal, it covers topics such as:

Animal spirits
Ghost hunting
Historic haunts
Near-death experiences
Spirit communication
The Ghost Files is for fans of ghost stories and paranormal investigation, as well as for anyone who wants to understand the supernatural experience. Objective and open, it dares to go into dark corners, haunted places, and other locales where ghosts lurk and hide. If you're looking for new insight on an ancient mystery, this is the book for you.
We spend a third of our lives sleeping, with much of the night filled with dreams. Peculiarly vivid, disturbing dreams leave behind impressions that are hard to dismiss. But what are nightmares? And what significance do they have for the dreamer? Questions like these have been asked and answered in all time periods in all of the world's cultures. The Nightmare Encyclopedia examines ideas about bad dreams found in different parts of the world, in different periods of Western history, in recent clinical research, in current theories of the occult, and in popular films. Most of the world's traditional societies are taught that our souls leave our bodies and travel to other realms when we dream, so maybe nightmares are the result of getting lost in one of dreamland's bad neighborhoods. In medieval Europe, it was thought that demons could attack and rape human beings in their sleep. In contrast, modern psychologists tend to view nightmares as repressed conflicts that return from our unconscious to haunt us in our dreams. This book also includes interpretations of dream symbols found in nightmares.
Ghosts of War is where history and mystery meet.

Phantom U.S. Civil War regiments still march through Harpers Ferry, West Virginia before vanishing into the evening sunset.

The beaches of Normandy, France still echo with the cries of the men who gave their lives storming the beaches on D-Day.

The disembodied clip-clop of horse's hooves and the clank of swords from the British Civil War battle of January 25, 1644 are still heard in Nantwich, Cheshire.

Wherever battles were fought and people perished, ghost legends have followed.

Ghosts can be found wherever tragedy left its mark. Where men?s and women?s lives ended so quickly that their spirits may not even realize that they're dead. Where soldiers, focused on duty, still patrol the front lines of long-finished wars.

The world's battlefields are imprinted with the passions, fears, and horrors of the soldiers who took their enemies? lives and often sacrificed their own. Battlefields are still rife with spirit activity, centuries after the last cannon was fired and the last casualty lost.

Ghosts of War is a history book told through the eyes of witnesses who have experienced the ghosts who still haunt these locations. Featuring nearly two dozen battlefields from around the world and throughout the centuries, each chapter includes first-hand accounts of the battle (where available), important facts and dates, historic and ghostly photos of the site, and first-hand ghost sightings and supernatural experiences that still occur.
This book is an objective and journalistic journey into the history and practice of spirit communication devices. Practitioners, scientists, clergy, and psychics all weigh in on the various means and materials used to make contact with the spirit world.
What is it like to reach the top of the world's tallest mountain? To survive a shark attack? To fly with the US Air Force Thunderbirds? To find out, Jeff Belanger conducted interviews with 12 people who happened to do extraordinary things and turned the interviews into adrenaline-packed, thrilling stories.