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Emma Jane Unsworth - book author

Lives in Manchester, England.

Emma Jane Unsworth is the author of books: Animals, Adults, Hungry, the Stars and Everything, Adults: ‘A sharp, funny tale of trying to be yourself in the age of Instagram’, Poor Souls’ Light: Seven Curious Tales, Murmurations: An Anthology of Uncanny Stories about Birds, The Longest Night: Five Curious Tales, Congregation of Innocents: Five Curious Tales, Transactions Of Desire vol.1, Litmus: Short Stories from Modern Science

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Laura and Tyler are two young women who have been tearing up the city streets for ten years, leaving a trail of angry drug dealers and spent men in their wake. Now Laura is engaged to be married and her teetotal classical pianist fiancé, Jim, is away overseas. Tyler wants to keep the party going but Laura is torn between the constant temptations provided by her best friend and a calmer life with Jim on the horizon. As the wedding draws closer, the duo’s limits are tested, along with their friendship.

Animals is hilarious, honest, raw and thoroughly moving. It is about deciding when it's time to grow up, and recognising what you have to leave behind if you do.
Jenny McLaine is an adult. Supposedly. At thirty-five she owns her own house, writes for a cool magazine and has hilarious friends just a message away.

But the thing is:

• She can’t actually afford her house since her criminally sexy ex-boyfriend Art left,

• her best friend Kelly is clearly trying to break up with her,

• she's so frazzled trying to keep up with everything you can practically hear her nerves jangling,

• she spends all day online-stalking women with beautiful lives as her career goes down the drain.

And now her mother has appeared on her doorstep, unbidden, to save the day…

Is Jenny ready to grow up and save herself this time?

Deliciously candid and gloriously heartfelt, ADULTS is the story of one woman learning how to fall back in love with her life. It will remind you that when the world throws you a curve ball (or nine), it may take friendship, gin & tonics or even your mother to bring you back…
Helen Burns is a food critic with a big black hole in her past. But when she embarks upon a tasting menu at a mysterious restaurant, she finds over the course of the meal that she is forced to confront her deepest, darkest memories – for better or for worse...
Poor Souls’ Light sees seven contemporary writers uphold the tradition of the Christmas ghost story, bringing you an anthology of brand new tales for winter.

Join us on a walk along a canal path, on a holiday in a seaside cottage, during preparations for Christmas dinner: these seemingly commonplace occurrences unlock a hidden seam of menace and chaos, where the spectral and the subconscious become indistinguishable, where the living break bread with the dead.

Featuring contributions from the Curious Tales team, as well as award-winning guest authors M. John Harrison and Johnny Mains, Poor Souls’ Light will also pay tribute to Robert Aickman, one of the great supernatural short story writers, whose centenary is in 2014.

Winter is the seasons’ sleep, so tread with care along the passage lit by the Poor Souls’ Light.
Freud observed that birds ‘don’t seem to be submitted to the same laws of gravity as us’, although without gravity they would die, as they need it to swallow. Birds are all around us; they could not be more familiar. And yet at the same time they are alien, unheimlich – uncanny.

Award-winning editor Nicholas Royle brings together previously published stories by Daphne du Maurier, Anna Kavan, Russell Hoban and others with brand-new tales by contemporary writers including Bill Broady, Adam Marek, Regi Claire, Mark Valentine, Reggie Oliver, R.B. Russel, and many more.

With a foreword by Angelica Michelis, senior lecturer in English at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Swallows Sleep in Winter – Adam Marek
For the True Anatomy – Claire Massey
Sliding off the World – Bruce Gilbert
The Gannets – Anna Kavan
Fight or Flight – Emma Jane Unsworth
Birds of Prey – Joel Lane
The Egg – Alison Moore
The Raven – Russell Hoban
The Rhododendron Canopy – Elizabeth Stott
Huginn and Muninn – Tom Fletcher
When the Red, Red Robin – Regi Claire
A Nestling – Jack Trevor Story
Barren Clough – Neil Campbell
Shrike – David Rose
The Candling – Deborah Kermode
A Revelation of Cormorants – Mark Valentine
The Brids – Bill Broady
Rarely Visits Gardens – Juliet West
All Our Dead Heavens – Conrad Williams
Tsipporah – Adèle Geras
Dead Bird – Socrates Adams-Florou
The Beautiful Room – RB Russell
Gulls – Nicholas Royle
Snow – Marc Werner
Flight of Fancy – GA Pickin
The Wounded Bird – Michael Kelly
Corbeaux Bay – Geeta Roopnarine
Husks – Stephen Bacon
Painful Hard Ectoplasm – Laura Ellen Joyce
The Birds – Daphne du Maurier

Contributors’ royalties and editor’s fee to be donated to the RSPB.
The Longest Night, a self-funded short story collection published by the authors as a chapbook, contains five disparate tales that unfashionably eschew shock-horror in favour of atmosphere and psychological tension. These are ghost stories in the tradition of Sheridan le Fanu, M.R. James and Oliver Onions: stories that need to be read with care, savoured at length and digested slowly to be appreciated.

The Longest Night: Five Curious Tales
Introduced by Stephen Volk, creator of Ghostwatch
Illustrations by Beth Ward
Limited edition of 300 copies.

Winter Closing - Alison Moore
In - Emma Jane Unsworth
Drums At Cullen - Richard Hirst
Bedtime - Tom Fletcher
Dark Jack - Jenn Ashworth
​A food bank in small-town America. A sinister conversation en route to a festival. A disorientating winter shopping trip to New York. Graphic memories of a peculiar childhood illness. An afternoon meeting between two women who share their secrets in an isolated desert.

These are five curious tales of the everyday quietly unravelling into mystery, of psychosis lurking just beneath the surface, of spectres sighted in the daylight.

Containing original fiction from Jenn Ashworth, Tom Fletcher, Richard Hirst and Emma Jane Unsworth, a graphic short story from Ian Williams and artwork and illustration from Beth Ward, Congregation of Innocents: Five Curious Tales is a limited edition and print-only collection of short fiction and original artwork which pays tribute to the work of the American writer Shirley Jackson on the fiftieth anniversary of her death.

The winter may be drawing near but within the Congregation of Innocents the sun is high and the shadows at their darkest.
A collection of short stories exploring the fine line between love, loss and desire.

Heartbreak. This is the preserve of many a fairy tale gone wrong.

Here, the disenchantment of a post-apocalyptic future is explored through stories of lust and yearning, twisted sexuality and repressed desire. Outsiders and lost youth collide in a funfair of their own making.

These tales of unrequited love take place in zoos and churches, in museums and galleries, and in the deepest darkest crevices of each writer’s imagination.

This stand-alone title is published alongside the inaugural exhibition opening at HOME in 2015 (23 May – 26 July 2015). It is the first to be published in HOME’s Transactions of Desire series. The others will follow later in 2015-16.
Like the creation myths they supersede, the revelations of science are seared into our collective imagination through storytelling. From Archimedes' bath to Newton's apple, vivid accounts of scientific discovery help us understand the principles behind each theory, and add to the larger narrative of how the universe works, and how we came to be here. This anthology draws out and distills science's love of narrative from a wide range of scientific disciplines, weaving theory into very human stories, and delving into the humanity of theorists and experimenters as they stood on the brink of momentous discoveries: from Joseph Swan's original light-bulb moment to the uncovering of mirror neurons lighting up empathy zones in the human brain; from Einstein's revelation on a Bern tram, to Pavlov's identification of personality types thanks to a freak flood in his St. Petersburg lab. Each story has been written in close consultation with scientists and historians and is accompanied by a specially written afterword, expanding on the science for a general audience. Together, they bring vividly to life the stories behind the 'eureka!' moments that changed the way we live; forever.

Cover art copyright (c) Matt Roeser.

Also featuring stories by: Kate Clanchy, Annie Clarkson, Frank Cottrell Boyce, Stella Duffy, Sarah Hall, Tania Hershman, Trevor Hoyle, Maggie Gee, Michael Jecks, Zoe Lambert, Alison MacLeod, Sara Maitland, Adam Marek, Sean O'Brien, Christine Poulson, Jane Rogers and Emma Jane Unsworth.
Plus afterwords by: Prof Jim Al-Khalili, Dr Martyn Amos, Dr Robert Appleby, John Clayson, Prof. Matthew Cobb, Sarah Fox, Kathryn Harris, James Higgerson, Nick R Love, Dr Tim O'Brien, Prof. Denis Noble, Prof. Giacomo Rizzolatti, Dr Zoe Schnepp, Dr James Sumner, Dr Angharad Watson and Dr John Wearden.

RUNNING TIME ⇒ 10hrs. and 40mins.

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