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A native of southern Illinois, Stephanie Grace Whitson has lived in Nebraska since 1975. She began what she calls "playing with imaginary friends" (writing fiction) when, as a result of teaching her four homeschooled children Nebraska history, she was personally encouraged and challenged by the lives of pioneer women in the West. Since her first book, Walks the Fire, was published in 1995, Stephanie's fiction titles have appeared on the ECPA bestseller list numerous times and been finalists for the Christy Award, the Inspirational Reader's Choice Award, and ForeWord Magazine's Book of the Year. Her first nonfiction work, How to Help a Grieving Friend, was released in 2005. In addition to serving in her local church and keeping up with two married children, two college students, and a high school senior, Stephanie enjoys motorcycle trips with her family and church friends. Her passionate interests in pioneer women's history, antique quilts, and French, Italian, and Hawaiian language and culture provide endless story-telling possibilities.

Stephanie Grace Whitson is the author of books: Sixteen Brides, Walks the Fire (Prairie Winds #1), A Most Unsuitable Match, Sarah's Patchwork (Keepsake Legacies #1), Valley of the Shadow (Dakota Moons Book 1), Secrets on the Wind (Pine Ridge Portraits #1), A Captain for Laura Rose, A Garden in Paris, Daughter of the Regiment, Nora’s Ribbon of Memories (Keepsake Legacies Book 3)

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Sixteen Civil War widows living in St. Louis respond to a series of meetings conducted by a land speculator who lures them west by promising "prime homesteads" in a "booming community." Unbeknownst to them, the speculator's true motive is to find an excuse to bring women to the fledging community of Plum Grove, Nebraska, in hopes they will accept marriage proposals shortly after their arrival!

Sparks fly when these unsuspecting widows meet the men who are waiting for them. These women are going to need all the courage and faith they can muster to survive these unwanted circumstances--especially when they begin to discover that none of them is exactly who she appears to be.
.Jesse King doesn’t want to go west, but her husband has never been all that concerned with what his wife wants.

When tragedy strikes, Jesse is rescued by the Lakota Sioux, among whom she finds unexpected peace, a sense of belonging, and the love of a lifetime.

A compelling tale of one woman’s extraordinary faith as God leads her from prairie schooner to tepee, from tepee to frontier fort and on to a growing state capitol.
An unlikely attraction occurs between two passengers on a steamboat journey up the Missouri River to Montana...

She is a self-centered young woman from a privileged family who fears the outdoors and avoids anything rustic. He is a preacher living under a sense of duty and obligation to love the unlovable people in the world. She isn't letting anything deter her from solving a family mystery that surfaced after her mother's death. He is on a mission to reach the rejects of society in the remote wilderness regions of Montana. Miss Fannie Rousseau and Reverend Samuel Beck are opposites in every way... except in how they both keep wondering if their paths will ever cross again.
Sarah felt something inside let go. No one had ever understood her before, but somehow this woman understood the desperate need that she had...something wound tight inside released a little, enough for her to feel that perhaps--just perhaps--there were people in the world you could trust, after all.

Abandoned at a New York orphanage by their destitute father, Sarah Biddle and her younger brother, Tom, are sent west on an orphan train. But no one wants to adopt a girl with a crippled brother to take care of. Until they reach Lincoln, Nebraska--and come face-to-face with Jesse King and Augusta Hathaway.

Sarah's Patchwork is the absorbing story of quiet, unassuming Sarah Biddle--and the hopes, dreams, tragedies, and romance that she stitches into an heirloom quilt. Each scrap of fabric tells of Sarah's transformation from a frightened orphan girl into a courageous woman of strength and resourcefulness as she stitches..."the tears of the past into a treasure for tomorrow."

Opportunity and disappointment, hardship and loss teach Sarah the reality of biblical truth--and the power of true love to heal the broken heart. Sarah's Patchwork is the first book in the Keepsake Legacies Series and tells the story of Sarah Biddle, first introduced in the bestselling Prairie Winds Series.
Mama had been gone for several years, now, but Gen could still hear her voice.
Someday someone is going to call you a stupid squaw. When they do, you must remember who you are. You are the daughter of a French nobleman. Your father speaks four languages. He has studied at schools most whites could never hope to enter. You are the granddaughter of a Dakota warrior who earned an entire headress of eagle feathers in battle. Never forget these things. Remember that they can call you a stupid squaw, but you do not have to be one.

"I won't go and you can't make me!" Eighteen-year-old Genevieve LaCroix protests when her father tells her it's time to leave home and get further education at nearby Renville mission. The daughter of Good Song Woman and Etienne LaCroix, she carries in her blood the proud heritage of a Dakota warrior and a French aristocrat. But when Gen arrives at Renville mission, she learns that her heritage is not valued in the changing world created by new white immigrants.

At first the lessons learned at the mission are difficult and lonely. But soon Gen finds new friends and begins to understand this strange culture she has become immersed in. When the missionary family takes in Two Stars, an injured young Dakota warrior, Gen begins to learn how quickly a life can change.

When the Minnesota Sioux Uprising destroys the world she has known and threatens the people she loves most, Gen begins to question everything she has been taught about God. Valley of the Shadow, the first book in the Dakota Moons Series, is a story of one woman's walk "through the valley of the shadow of death."
Laura Rose White's late father taught her everything he knew about piloting a Missouri River steamboat. He even named their boat after her. Despite that, it seems that Laura will forever be a "cub pilot" to her brother Joe, because in 1867, a female riverboat captain is unheard of. That is, until tragedy strikes and Laura must make the two month journey from St. Louis to Fort Benton and back in order to save her family's legacy, her home, and the only life she's ever known.

The only way for her to overcome the nearly insurmountable odds is with the help of her brother's disreputable friend Finn MacKnight, a skilled pilot with a terrible reputation. Laura loathes having to accept MacKnight as her co-pilot, especially when she learns she must also provide passage for his two sisters. Straight-laced Fiona has a fear of water, and unpredictable Adele seems much too comfortable with the idea of life in the rough and tumble environment of the untamed river and the men who ply it. Though they are thrown together by necessity, this historic journey may lead Laura and the MacKnights to far more than they ever expected.
Irish immigrant Maggie Malone wants no part of the war. She'd rather let "the Americans" settle their differences-until her brothers join Missouri's Union Irish Brigade, and one of their names appears on a list of injured soldiers. Desperate for news, Maggie heads for Boonville, where the Federal army is camped. There she captures the attention of Sergeant John Coulter. When circumstances force Maggie to remain with the brigade, she discovers how capable she is of helping the men she comes to think of as "her boys." And while she doesn't see herself as someone a man would court, John Coulter is determined to convince her otherwise.

As the mistress of her brother's Missouri plantation, Elizabeth Blair has learned to play her part as the perfect hostess-and not to question her brother Walker's business affairs. When Walker helps organize the Wildwood Guard for the Confederacy, and offers his plantation as the Center of Operations, Libbie must gracefully manage a house with officers in residence and soldiers camped on the lawn. As the war draws ever closer to her doorstep, she must also find a way to protect the people who depend on her.

Despite being neighbors, Maggie and Libbie have led such different lives that they barely know one another-until war brings them together, and each woman discovers that both friendship and love can come from the unlikeliest of places.

Nora lay awake for a long time, trying to push the image of Greyson Chandler from mind...she sighed. Unlike Chandler, Mikal Ritter didn't make pretty speeches about finding God and living for others. He just did it...If true goodness existed, and if it gave the kind of happiness the Ritters had, Nora wanted it. But she had no idea where to get it.

Nora O'Dell is fifteen-going-on-sixteen when she runs away from her father's farm and heads north to the city of Lincoln, Nebraska. She's strong and willing to work hard, and it isn't long before Nora's talent with a needle and thread opens unexpected doors of opportunity.

But the goal of success in business cannot satisfy a hungry heart forever. When Nora compares the loneliness of the professional women she knows to the love shared between Karyn and Mikal Ritter, she realizes that some gifts cannot be bought, but are only given through the grace and mercy of a loving God. Each button sewn on Nora's keepsake ribbon becomes a reminder of the lessons learned on the way to her heart's desire.

In the spirit of and Karyn's Memory Box, bestselling author Stephanie Grace Whitson continues the Keepsake Legacies Series with a heartwarming story of a young woman seeking lasting happiness during pioneer days in Nebraska.