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Whit Masterson - book author

Whit Masterson is a pen name of authors, Robert Allison “Bob” Wade (1920-present) and H. Bill Miller (1920–61). The two also wrote under several other pseudonyms, including Wade Miller and Will Daemer.

Whit Masterson is the author of books: Badge of Evil, Evil Come, Evil Go, A Cry in the Night, Dead, She Was Beautiful, Man On A Nylon String, The Great Train Hijack, The Undertaker Wind, The death of me yet, The Dark Fantastic, A Hammer in His Hand (Prologue Books)

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This powerful novel, on which Orson Welles based his famous 1958 film, is a sleek, dark indictment of the American justice system--an original American masterpiece. "Masterson looks at corruption in society and shows how it taints all of us".--Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
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"He had taken her captive and now he was like a hunted animal, seeking a place to devour his prey."

"A-1 thriller."
-Saturday Review
So you re a divorce detective it s a dirty business, but you operate as clean as you can. A rich man hires you to tail his wife, because he thinks she s cheating on him. She turns out to be the woman who cheated on you, once.

Then she gets killed . . . and you know you were picked to take the rap . . .

The Death Ship moved slowly toward the land bringing a cargo of terror and a threat more deadly than a bomb. Only a handful of men and one woman could stop the annihilation of mankind.


He was called the Werewolf. He was nameless, faceless, a man who gave no reasons and left no clues. But he had a hammer and hate and lust ... and he’d left eight women ravaged and screaming. The ninth victim would never scream again. The rapist had turned killer, and the shadow of his hammer hung over the city. That’s why Clover French, so lovely, so delicate to be a policewoman, had traded her uniform for clothes that flaunted her sex ... The cops needed bait for the killer!