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After a haphazard early career spent working and travelling around the world, I started writing romance in order to fund a PhD in Medieval Studies. Naturally, that didn't turn out to be quite the easy option I thought it would be, but I did in the end complete a thesis on the street and the perception of public space in later medieval and early modern York in 2004. My research formed the basis of TIME'S ECHO, and many of the individuals I encountered in the records of Elizabethan York appear in the novel.

I'm fascinated by the relationship between the past and the present and have always enjoyed 'time slip' novels and how they explore the possibility that it might be possible to go back in time and see what it was "really like". As a trained historian, I know that could never be possible, but as a storyteller, I find the premise irresistible ...

I still live in York and continue to write romances as Jessica Hart in tandem with time slip novels for Pan Macmillan - and yes I *do* often get confused by my split identities!

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Pamela Hartshorne is the author of books: Time's Echo, The Memory of Midnight, House of Shadows, The Edge of Dark, The Cursed Wife, Buckingham Palace: Official Souvenir, Windsor Castle: An Illustrated History, Windsor Castle: A Souvenir Guide, The Royal Mews: Official Souvenir, The Palace of Holyroodhouse: Official Souvenir

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Grace Trewe comes to York intending to spend as little time as possible sorting out her dead godmother’s affairs before moving on, the way she has always done before. Grace prides herself on her independence. She is a practical, sensible, self-reliant person, impatient with spirituality or mysticism and what she thinks of as wallowing in emotion. Having survived the Boxing Day tsunami, Grace knows how lucky she is to be alive. She looks forward, not back.

But in York Grace discovers that the past cannot always be ignored. Her godmother, Lucy, has been dabbling in the occult, and it seems that she has raised an unquiet spirit, Hawise, who lived, loved and died in York over 400 years earlier. Hawise died believing that she has failed her daughter, and the more Grace is drawn into her life in the Elizabethan city, the more parallels she finds with her own life. For Grace, too, has failed a child.

Is Grace possessed? Or is she suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? Either way, she learns that she cannot move on until she has come to terms with the past.
One hot day in Elizabethan York, young Nell Appleby is trapped in a wooden chest, and a horror of the stifling dark -- and of the man who trapped her - dogs her for the rest of her life. Wed to the sadistic Ralph Maskewe, Nell must find joy where she can, until the return of her childhood sweetheart offers a chance of flight to the New World. Will Nell risk all to escape the dark at last? Four and a half centuries later, Tess and her small son Oscar move to York. Eager to start a new life, away from her overbearing and manipulative husband, Martin, Tess tries to put her marriage behind her. But time in York has a way of shifting strangely, and memories of a past that is not her own begin to surface with disturbing effect. Living two lives, torn between two worlds, Tess must unlock the secrets of the past before she can free herself -- and Nell --once and for all.

When Kate Vavasour wakes in hospital, she can remember nothing about the family gathered around her bed, or of her life before the accident. The doctors diagnose post-traumatic amnesia and say the memories should start returning. Which they do . . . but these memories are not her own. They belong to Isabel Vavasour, who lived and died at Askerby Hall over four hundred years earlier . . .

Returning to Askerby Hall to recuperate, Kate finds herself in a house full of shadows and suspicions. Unable to recognise her family, her friends or even her small son, she struggles to piece together the events that led to her terrible fall. Life at Askerby, it seems, is not as illustrious as the Vavasours would have the public believe. But before she can uncover the mysteries of the present, she must first discover the truth about the past ... Was Isabel's madness real, or was her mistake trusting the one person she thought would never betray her?

Jane believes in keeping her promises, but a deathbed vow sets her on a twisting path of deceit and joy that takes her from the dark secrets of Holmwood House in York to the sign of the golden lily in London's Mincing Lane. Getting what you want, Jane discovers, comes at a price. For the child that she longed for, the child she promised to love and to keep safe, turns out to be a darker spirit than she could ever have imagined. Over four centuries later, Roz Acclam remembers nothing of the fire that killed her family—or of the brother who set it. Trying on a beautiful Elizabethan necklace found in the newly restored Holmwood House triggers disturbing memories of the past at last—but the past Roz remembers is not her own. . .
A gripping historical thriller by the author of Time's Echo, Pamela Hartshorne.
The Cursed Wife is a page-turning, psychological thriller set in Elizabethan London, by the author of Time's Echo, Pamela Hartshorne.
Mary is content with her life as wife to Gabriel Thorne, a wealthy merchant in Elizabethan London. She loves her husband and her family, is a kind mistress to the household and is well-respected in the neighbourhood. She does her best to forget that as a small girl she was cursed for causing the death of a vagrant child, a curse that predicts that she will hang. She tells herself that she is safe.
But Mary's whole life is based on a lie. She is not the woman her husband believes her to be, and when one rainy day she ventures to Cheapside, the past catches up with her and sets her on a path that leads her to the gibbet and the fulfilment of the curse.
Windsor Castle, the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world, has been a site of fundamental historical, cultural, and architectural importance for nearly one thousand years.

This new popular history of the castle explains how a Norman motte-and-bailey castle established by William the Conqueror around 1070 survived and evolved through the Middle Ages, the English Civil War, the Restoration of the monarchy, two World Wars, and the disastrous fire of 1992, to remain the premier royal residence of Her Majesty The Queen to this day.
Beautifully illustrated with spectacular paintings, drawings, and photographs from the Royal Collection, this book also includes newly commissioned photography of the castle as it appears today, as well as reconstructions of the castle at important moments in its history, revealing how this extraordinary building has developed over the centuries.
-The official guide to Windsor Castle, published in conjunction with the Royal Collection Trust -Engaging text summarizes the history of the castle while also highlighting little-known facts -Stunning photography captures the rooms that will be familiar to those who have toured the Castle, as well as moments from state occasions and Castle life behind-the-scenes A royal castle for nearly a thousand years, Windsor Castle is the oldest and largest inhabited castle in the world. Today it remains an official residence of Her Majesty the Queen. It is very much a working castle, and a spectacular backdrop to ceremonial and state occasions throughout the year. An enduring symbol of the monarchy, and of the history and traditions of Britain, Windsor Castle is also a home, where The Queen spends most of her private weekends. This beautifully illustrated souvenir guide offers a history of this magnificent castle, from its foundation by William the Conqueror in the eleventh century to its continuing role in the twenty-first, and highlights some of the extraordinary works of art and other treasures on display in the state and semi-state apartments. Contents: Introduction; Plan of Windsor Castle; The Medieval and Tudor Castle; The Order of the Garter; St George's Chapel; Treasures of Windsor Castle; The Restoration Castle; Treasures Lost and Found; The Georgian Castle; The Royal Parks at Windsor; The Victorian Castle; The Twentieth-Century Castle; Queen Mary's Dolls' House; The Castle Today; The Fire of 1992; The Castle Community.
-The official Royal Collection guidebook to Holyroodhouse, once home to Mary, Queen of Scots and Bonnie Prince Charlie, and The Queen's formal Scottish residence -Recounts the fascinating, and sometimes turbulent, story of Holyroodhouse -Accompanied by new photography that offers a closer look at the interiors and artworks on display A royal palace for over 500 years, Holyroodhouse is The Queen's official Scottish residence. It has been home to Mary, Queen of Scots, and Bonnie Prince Charlie, as well as the setting for rebellion, murder and marriages that have changed the course of British history. This new guide tells the sometimes-turbulent story of Holyroodhouse, while new photography offers a closer look at its interiors and some of the artworks on display.