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John F. McDonald - book author

I'm a professional writer. I've had 3 novels published, with another due out in September 2009 and two more being written. I've written 2 screenplays - one of which won the IndieProducer Screenwriter Award in Los Angeles in 2009. I've also 'ghosted' books for media celebs, politicians and business-people. I've scripted award-winning TV drama and graphic novels and I've written stage plays which have been performed in London and Paris.

John F. McDonald is the author of books: Macbeth: The Graphic Novel, Romeo and Juliet The Graphic Novel: Original Text, A Midsummer Night's Dream: The Graphic Novel, The Tempest Graphic Novel, Romeo and Juliet: Plain Text: The Graphic Novel, Henry V The Graphic Novel: Original Text, The Merchant of Venice, Otherwise Kill Me, Macbeth The Graphic Novel - Original Text - Act 1, Hamlet: The Graphic Novel

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Witches, murder, ghosts, and madness — one of Shakespeare’s finest tragedies is also a perfect fit for the graphic novel format. This compelling adaptation depicts every blood-curdling scene in easy-to-follow illustrations, accompanied by Shakespeare’s original text. An illustrated cast of characters reminds readers who’s who, and fascinating background information on Shakespeare and the real Macbeth adds historical context.
A bitter feud between the Montagues and the Capulets keeps the city of Verona, Italy, in a state of constant unrest. Despite the enmity, Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet fall passionately in love. Enlisting the help of Friar Laurence, the young lovers wed in secret, hoping that their marriage will finally unite the two families. But things go terribly, tragically wrong. One of Shakespeare’s most widely performed plays, Romeo and Juliet has been adapted for every conceivable format. Yet no adaptation — film, television, radio, or opera — can match the richness of the original. This inspired graphic novel version depicts every scene of the play in full-color illustrations, accompanied by every word of the original text. Authentic yet easy to follow, this exciting adaptation is ideal for purists, students, and readers who appreciate Shakespeare’s matchless verse. Also available are a Plain Text version, translated into modern U.S. English, and a Quick Text version, with less dialogue for a fast-paced read.
This is the entire, unabridged play brought to life as a vivid and engaging full-color graphic novel.

With its mix of real people who stumble into a fairy kingdom (with its own problems!) it is little wonder that this play is one of the best loved and most performed of all Shakespeare's masterpieces - and a firm favorite for outdoor theater on a warm summer's evening.

Designed to encourage readers to enjoy classical literature, titles in the Classical Comics range stay true to the original vision of the authors.

To support the use of this title in the classroom, photocopiable teachers resources are available that offer lesson plans and activities from 6th grade and up: ISBN 978-1-907127-75-5

Hermia is in love with Lysander but her father forbids them to marry, insisting that she marries Demetrius instead, whom Hermia’s friend Helena loves. Hermia and Lysander escape to the woods, pursued by Demetrius and Helena. However there is trouble in the woods because the king and queen of the fairies, Oberon and Titania, have quarrelled. To spite Titania, Oberon instructs the mischievous Puck to squeeze the juice of a magic flower into her eyes while she sleeps, so that she falls in love with the first thing she sees when she wakes. He also instructs Puck to apply the same magic to Demetrius so that he will fall in love with Helena. However, Puck gets it all wrong...
Cast onto the waters by his power-hungry brother Antonio, Prospero, the Duke of Milan, has been living on a distant island for a dozen years along with his daughter Miranda. In his years of banishment, Prospero has developed strong magical powers — powers that not only allow him to deduce that Antonio is on a nearby ship, but to cause the ship to run aground. At long last, Prospero has a chance to get revenge on those who have wronged him. But, will he also ruin Miranda’s chance for happiness? The Tempest is considered by many critics to be Shakespeare’s crowning glory. This full-color graphic novel presents the sparkling romantic comedy just as Shakespeare intended: in its original and unabridged format, and in its original setting. As with the other titles in this well-received series, it encourages readers to discover classical literature while staying true to Shakespeare’s vision. Also available are a Plain Text version, translated into modern U.S. English, and a Quick Text version, with less dialogue for a fast-paced read.
This full colour graphic novel presents Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet' in modern English verse-for-verse. If you find the original Shakespearean language rather cryptic then this is for you.
Shakespeare’s rousing tale of war and peace between England and France during the reign of Henry V springs to life in this unabridged, full-color graphic adaptation. Every scene, every speech, and every battle is here, from “Once more unto the breach” to the decisive Battle of Agincourt, all in Shakespeare’s original language. The lively illustrations accurately depict the era’s costumes and settings.
A gamble on trading ships at sea, a pound of flesh as the penalty, a contest to win the hand of a rich heiress, and the final rescue in a court of law--The Merchant of Venice has all the ingredients required which make it one of Shakespeare's most dramatic romantic comedies.

Antonio is the merchant of Venice who borrows money to help his friend Bassanio win Portia in marriage. He borrows the money from Shylock, a shrewd moneylender who devises a retribution unprecedented in the annals of law...

...till a young lawyer defeats him in his own game. Who is this young lawyer? What is the clinching argument? The Merchant of Venice is memorable as much for its dramatic scenes as for its strong characters, all of which remain etched in the mind long after the story has been read.
Otherwise Kill Me allows the reader into the mind of a violent schizophrenic - Francis Page is a London club doorman, who's coming to the end of his shelf-life in the bouncing game. He resorts to smugging drugs to make some big money, but gets caught and sent to prison. Francis' violence is treated with neuroleptic tranquilizers in prison, but he still kills a guard and gets sent to a secure phychiatric hospital, from where he excapes. Francis learns that, while he was locked up, his teenage daughter has become addicted to herion. He goes on a revenge rampage, killing everyone he believes is responsible. He is spoken to by many 'voices' who tell him many contradicting things. Francis can't make sense of it all and eventually kills himself.
The novel paints a surreal picture, full of strange landscapes which are alien to most individuals, but which are a very real part of the human condition.
The entire play in comic form, translated into plain English. To be or not to be? The Bard's longest play - an epic in every sense!