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Silva Hart - book author

Dear Readers: On April 24, 2020, another author privately contacted me then proceeded to create 13 fictitious Goodreads accounts and leave 1 star ratings on 10 of my books. You will see the result of this in the overall ratings. I am working with Goodreads to get these removed. Online bullying and harassment is a brutal thing and something I hope you never have to experience.

Author of romances that are designed to give you all the feels. Steamy scenes and satisfying happily-ever-afters guaranteed!

Lover of elephants and octopuses with a 25-pound Maine Coon cat as a writing companion.

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Silva Hart is the author of books: Lasso Me: Alpha Cowboy + Disabled Woman = HEA, His Again:, Protective Soulmate: Alpha Fighter + Mafia Daughter = HEA, Azaria: Golf Alpha + Business Woman = Happily Ever After, Bad Boy Fast Toy, Sheba: BWWM Business Woman Series, Mesmerize Me: Silver Fox + Curvy Girl = HEA, Why Me?: Bad Boy Boxer + Billionaire's Daughter = HEA, Grown-up Grocery Games, Love Drunk: Billionaire + BBW = Insta Love

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Previously published as Stolen Soulmate.

Like jalapeno ice cream, this one-hour romance is lots of sweet with loads of heat.


“Come here,” he said, pulling her close. She snuggled against him, keenly aware of the man he’d become. His encircling arms felt like an impenetrable fortress that she could stay safe inside of forever.

American Priya Johnson is abducted while vacationing in Bangkok. Is one of the men actually helping her or does he have his own lascivious plans for her? And why does he look so familiar?

Now she must rely on this man who is responsible for her abduction to protect her and help her escape to safety.

But, even if they manage to escape, will Priya’s love be able to save her soulmate from her mafia father’s rage for revenge?

An abduction, passionate reunion and second chance for long-lost first loves, harrowing escape, mafia revenge, and HEA.


A filthy quickie is a terrible thing to pass up. So, go ahead. You deserve it!
Like jalapeno ice cream, this romance coffee break read is lots of sweet with loads of heat.


Why would the #1 world-famous and smoking-hot motorcycle racer Lincoln McKane choose wheelchair-bound Lyra Williams out of all the women throwing their bras at him?

Maybe it makes for a good paparazzi photo op.

That’s exactly what her ex-fiancé had thought - They’ll have to make me partner now that I’m going to have a disabled wife. Just think how that will look for the firm at public functions.

Now, on the opposite coast to nurse her broken heart, this creep is doing the same thing.

Or is he?

Did she judge him based on his public persona just as people judge her based on her inability to walk?

Runaway assumptions, a kidnapping, a dramatic rescue, passion on a beach at sunset, and HEA.


A filthy quickie is a terrible thing to pass up. So, go ahead. You deserve it!
Short and sweet with a zing of heat.


Okay, so I’ve just had the hottest one-nighter in a hotel room with a perfect stranger while out of town for a training and didn’t even get his number.

I feel like Cinderella after the ball but the less fairy tale version where she gets home to find both glass slippers still firmly in place.

Then he calls my firm and requests me to be his business consultant.

Oh, I know exactly what he needs.


I have to taste that delicious mocha skin again, stare into those enchanting amber eyes.

But her firm sends me some snowman in a stuffed shirt instead.

I’m sick of dealing with the stodgy, uptight cronyism of middle-aged men with their outdated ideas.

Sheba is gorgeous. Sheba is vivacious. Sheba is exactly what my bed and my business need.

And no good ol’ boy network is going to keep her from me.


The BWWM Business Woman Series consists of interrelated, standalone one-hour romances that follow a group of bold, beautiful, black women on their individual paths to happily ever after. Check out the others in the series on Amazon now: Azaria, Rihanna, and Jada. Read them in any order.
Like jalapeno ice cream, this romance short story is lots of sweet with loads of heat.


Sometimes, when we meet people, they can influence us, change our lives for the better. These are the people worth meeting.


I’m carrying the weight of a secret that’s torturing my soul. The job of nightshift grocery store stock clerk is a perfect purgatory.

As I round the corner, a voluptuous ass that I’ve never seen before gives me a greeting that stirs me unlike anything has in six months. Its curves coquettishly peek at me from beneath a short jean skirt, and I can’t help but stop and stare back.


I’ve somehow managed to annoy the hottest guy I’ve ever seen within the first five minute of meeting him. Classic.

But, if I’m so annoying, why does he keep playing the hero and coming to my rescue? Then he actually kisses me! And I’m down for so much more. Hopefully, whatever is haunting him doesn’t prevent our happily ever after.

An instant attraction, passion in a grocery store stock room, a revealed secret, a car wreck, a heroic rescue.


A filthy quickie is a terrible thing to pass up. So, go ahead. You deserve it!