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C.W. Ashley - book author

C.W. Ashley is the author of books: The Big Waste: A Post-Apocalyptic Adventure (After-Skirmish Book 1)

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The world can't be saved, it has already ended.

The 'Skirmishes' have left the land in absolute ruin. The last few remains of civilization are Citadels corrupt, oppressive and dangerous for most who inhabit them. Outside, 'The Big Waste' is a stretch of an endless damaged landscape that has been scorched, poisoned and left to decay by the horrors of constant war. The constant threat of Citadel bounty hunters, mutated animals, ghoulish, formerly-human mercenaries, and all-powerful gangs looms over everyone. Happiness is unlikely, conflict is frequent and death is certain.

When an accomplished destruction derby driver decides to take a seemingly simple delivery job outside the citadel for a little adventure, he learns very quickly why the first day in the Big Waste can often become your last.

Disclaimer: This book contains brutal violence, unconventional morals in a post-apocalyptic world, detailed sex with a harem, and a little bit of dark humor.