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Lorelei M. Hart - book author

Lorelei M. Hart is the cowriting team of USA Today Bestselling Authors Kate Richards and Ever Coming. Friends for years, the duo decided to come together and write one of their favorite guilty pleasures: Mpreg. There is something that just does it for them about smexy men who love each other enough to start a family together in a world where they can do it the old-fashioned way ;).

Lorelei M. Hart is the author of books: The Dragons and Their Unicorn Omega (The Unicorn Omegas #1), Christmas with His Omega (Mapleville Omegas #1), Twice as Joyful (Vale Valley, Season 1 #2), Sugar Coated Omega (Food Trucks of Love #1), The Alpha's Autumn-Kissed Omega (Alpha Kissed #1), The Lion, the Dragon, and Their Unicorn Omega (The Unicorn Omegas #2), The Omega's Alpha Manny (Mannie's Mannies #1), Remember Me, Omega, Hiring Their Manny Omega (Mapleville Omegas #6), A Bun in their Omega's Oven (Sweet Lovin' #1)

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An MM Mpreg Shifter Romance

When most people think of unicorns, they think of rainbows and glitter. Grey’s life resembled neither of those things.

Grey, named after what his herd deemed his ugly gray coat, has never had a good life. Shunned for his lack of powers and held captive by the red dragons who plan to sell him to the highest bidder, Grey escapes into the night. He hopes to find someplace safe, so the town of Haven calls to him.

Ryder and Theo are dragons and true mates—the only problem is they are missing their third, the one to complete them. When they stumble upon a broken-down car, the last thing they expect is to find the one they have been waiting for all those years.

Protective and loyal, Theo and Ryder are determined to keep their unicorn safe and encompassed in love. The red dragons have other ideas.

**The Dragons and their Unicorn Omega is a sweet MMM MPREG shifter romance with some knotty heat.**
A Mapleville Christmas Novella: MM Non Shifter Alpha/Omega Mpreg

All he wants for Christmas is a safe place to have his baby. Santa has other ideas.

When Pierce finds out the couple he is carrying a baby for is backing out of the arrangement, he has very mixed feelings. Ecstatic to be no longer legally obligated to give up the baby he has long since thought of as his, he’s also terrified he’ll be unable to provide for his new little treasure. Almost eight months pregnant, he sets off to find refuge at his grandmother's house, back in the town he called his own many years earlier, the town where he found and lost his one and only love, Rhone.

Rhone has a good life—an amazing career doing what he loves and a beautiful home. But even after the passage of many years, he still longs for the one thing he no longer has. Pierce, the omega who got away. After his family “moved” in the middle of the night to avoid his father’s gambling debts, Pierce never returned, leaving a vacant place in Rhone’s heart until one day when Pierce shows up at the diner where their love began.

All the feelings as well as the lust returned the moment they saw each other, only this time they weren’t two young men with no responsibilities. This time they had a third to think about, the sweet baby growing inside Pierce.

Christmas with His Omega is a holiday novella with sweetness, heat, and more than one Christmas Miracle.
Sometimes the ones who got away never really did…

Omega Bryce, stuck in a dead-end job that barely makes ends meet, doesn’t have time to act as executor for his dearly departed uncle’s estate—especially since it means going back to Vale Valley, home of many of his best (and long-past) memories. He’s even more unwilling to let his uncle down. But when Bryce arrives only to discover the lawyer he needs to meet with has closed up shop for the holidays, he decides to stay in his uncle’s cabin for a few days.

Alpha Houston had no intention of ever returning to Vale Valley after he joined the Coast Guard nearly a decade earlier. But the news that he’s been named Sal’s executor draws him back. He decides to stay at the cabin and is shocked when he returns with groceries to find Bryce, his old crush, looking and smelling every bit as delicious as Houston remembered.

Alpha Dante never left Vale Valley—not that it mattered, since both his hearts took off years ago. When Sal passes and names him executor of the estate, it’s like a door finally closing on that chapter of his life. After all, why would either Houston or Bryce ever return? When he sees them again, though, he feels his past has returned and is being dangled in front of him as a possible future.

The three men fall back into their old friendship with ease—and the lust they felt all those years ago is only magnified. This time, though, they don’t ignore it, allowing the magic of the season to thrust them into what they always truly wanted.

But with adult commitments looming and so much time lost, is it too late for their happily ever after?

Twice as Joyful is part of a multi-author series about Vale Valley, a small town open to everyone in need of love and a home. Each installment can be read as a standalone.

Nestle up with your cup of cocoa and enjoy this MMM non-shifter super sweet with knotty omegaverse second-chance romance featuring three reunited best friends, some mistletoe mischief, and a surprise gift that will warm your heart, all set in the mystical, magical, love-filled Vale Valley!

A MM Non-Shifter Mpreg Romance.

Love isn’t always like it is in the movies…sometimes it’s a whole lot sweeter.

Jamie is a hopeless romantic omega. He wants love like people find in the movies, but he’s too shy and awkward to do anything about it. Then he sees a hot new guy with a food trailer in the same lot as his, and, with a little push from his best friend, flirts shamelessly by making a sexy name for one of his pies.

Hot alpha Bryce just got out of a bad relationship. His ex cheated, got pregnant then took control his family recipes, leaving Bryce with a food trailer and barely enough money to live on. Bryce isn’t interested in another relationship, especially not one with someone who works in the same food lot he does. But when Bryce notices the cute pie guy with his sugar-coated wares, he isn’t sure if he’ll be able to resist getting his hands a little sticky.

Sugar Coated Omega is a super sweet, romantic, steamy standalone romance. If you love stories with lots of food, hot scenes between two men, male pregnancy, cute babies, and a super sweet HEA, Sugar Coated Omega, Book 1 in the Food Trucks of Love Series is the book for you.
Dating is out for omegas like me, at least, I’ve made it my rule. An alpha craves an omega who can give him a family. And I’m just fine with my life. My work as a freelance photographer makes it possible for me to give the kids I take in lots of time, something they need and deserve. Most of them haven’t had an easy life. And current foster child needs my love and care more than any of the others so far. I thought I had it all figured out, but meeting Patrick has thrown me for a loop.

Patrick deserves more than a lesser omega, a broken shell of who I should be. But I can’t help myself. His searing looks plus that signature pumpkin spice scent demand I pay attention. Pursue him. See if there is a chance he could be mine.

Autumn brings with it cooler days, but with Patrick in my life, the nights only grow hotter.

MM Non-Shifter Mpreg Romance.
An MM Mpreg Shifter Romance

Breaking the bonds of slavery takes more than just physical freedom, which is something newly freed slave Samuel is about to discover.

Unicorn shifter Samuel has spent most of his life as a slave for the red dragons, being passed from household to household like the property her is. When he starts working in Bart’s mansion he expects it to be more of the same—instead he finds himself seeing more and more glimpses of the future, a future that does not include being owned. A future he never dared dream of.

Lion shifter Sasha loves his life in Haven and the semi-retirement it allows him. Being a paid mercenary was both exciting and lucrative, but he is ready to grow roots. When an elderly unicorn calls, begging him to help her captive grandson he decides to take one last case. He saw what the red dragons did to his friends’ mate, Grey, and his conscience won’t allow him to sit back and let it happen to another even if is means coming out of semi-retirement and risking the life he’s been building.,

Dragon shifter Rob lives the high life complete with penthouse suite, a treasure any dragon would be envious of, and a job that gives him the adventure he craves and the downtime he relishes. It is the life he always dreamed of, yet completely unfulfilling. When his on-again off-again lover and coworker Sasha asks him to help on one last mission together, Rob is powerless to say anything but yes. They set out to rescue the elderly unicorn’s grandson and end up finding the one thing they were both missing in their lives—their omega.

When Samuel escapes his master’s mansion and runs into not one but two shifters there to rescue him, he knows instantly that it is more than just luck. Fate is on his side.

Fate has sent him his true mates, soon giving him the gift of fatherhood. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean he has his instant happy ever after. There are people to save, emotional wounds to heal, and a new life to build—one that for the first time is based on what he wants for himself.

**The Lion, the Dragon, and Their Unicorn Omega is a sweet MMM MPREG shifter romance with some knotty heat. It is book two in The Unicorn Omega series, and while it stands alone, it does contain spoilers from book one.**

Manny’s Mannies: Where parents finds more than just childcare—they find everything.

Omega Ronnie thought he had everything until cancer stole his happily ever after. Left alone with his beautiful daughter, he soon discovered he was pregnant with baby number two, a child with a rare birth defect. He’s an amazing father to his two little girls, but he knows he needs help—so he turns to Manny’s Mannies.

But when Ronnie opens the door to see his college crush, Zave, he realizes he might be getting more than he bargained for.

Alpha Zave has never quite found his place in the working world. But even though he’s had bad luck at his jobs, he’s certain the perfect career is out there. He just doesn’t know where to look. When his current company has a temporary shutdown, he goes to work for Manny as a stopgap.
He never imagined his temporary position might lead to love.

The Omega’s Alpha Manny is the first book in a sweet with knotty heat contemporary MM Mpreg romance series of standalones featuring hot mannies, the men they love, and the families they grow to be a part of. The Omega’s Alpha Manny features an alpha who is very un-alpha, an omega who is all alpha, and two adorable little girls.

An MPreg Romance

Sometimes all it takes is a few words to change everything: Remember Me, Omega.

Omega Ethan loved being a parent. But now that his son is moving away from home, Ethan has decided to recapture his identity as the strong, intelligent, determined, and fun omega he used to be—and to follow his artistic dreams. A home studio, an art class at the local college, and soon enough, Ethan's dream will be within reach.

But the last thing he expects is to reconnect with his high-school sweetheart.

Alpha Rhys loved Ethan from the moment they met in high school. Being taken from him before they’d fully explored their feelings was his life’s biggest regret. But now that Ethan’s adult son is interning at his tech company, Rhys just might have the chance to remedy that loss.

For the first time in twenty years, Ethan and Rhys must confront their shared past—and when Ethan learns he’s pregnant, they’ll have to decide if a shared dream is enough to build a future together.

Remember Me, Omega is a super-sweet, romantic, steamy standalone romance that brings the knotty heat, perfect for readers who love stories with second chances, beautiful dreams between two men, male pregnancy, cute babies, and amazing HEAs.
Ben and Levi have their lives planned out—and then the phone rings, and suddenly they are fathers.

Happily married couple Ben and Levi have an amazing life—great careers, a loving dog, and a home they made their own in the little town of Mapleville. Then they receive the call that changes everything. Ben’s cousin, a single omega with a baby, has passed away leaving behind his baby son, Tobias. Ben and Lei don’t think twice about welcoming the child into their home. The only problem is—they have no idea how to be fathers, how to balance their careers with parenthood, how to even change a diaper.

Ph.D. Candidate Cory works hard to get further in his education than most omegas ever achieve. He is this close to presenting his Ph.D. thesis in child psychology and becoming Dr. Reeves when his academic life blows up. Cory’s advisor has never pretended to like or appreciate him, but Cory never expects him to outright dismiss months—years of hard work without so much as a perusal simply because he is an omega. After having words, Cory walks away needing not only a new advisor but also a new job. It looks like his dreams are about to go up in smoke.

When Ben’s client, Maria, suggests they look into getting a nanny after they are put on waitlists at the local daycares, the couple becomes unsure. Do they really want a stranger helping raise the child they already love as their own, especially when the candidates are less than ideal?

But then Cory arrives—knowledgeable, sweet, well-liked by Tobias, and an all-around perfect candidate. If only they weren’t attracted to him both physically and emotionally. As time marches on, the three become closer and closer until they decide to risk their hearts and see if a happy marriage of two has room for a third.

Hiring their Manny Omega is a sweet with knotty heat MMM male pregnancy romance with true love, an adorable baby and another soon on the way, and a guaranteed HEA. It is set in the town of Mapleville and can be read as a standalone.

A Non-Shifter MMM Mpreg Romance

When Oliver finds out he has a bun in his oven—courtesy of the two hot alpha bakers on his flour-delivery route—he’ll be making a special delivery of his own.

Chris is a lucky guy. Good things often fall into his lap, including the TV baking competition that jumpstarted his career. But he wants more than just money in the bank, a bit of fame, and a growing business. Chris wants a family—although he’d probably settle for a good lay with the one man who wants less than nothing to do with him.

Adam’s life is all about dough—and not the kind that could get him out of his small-town rut. No, Adam’s stuck running the family bagel business and trying to out-bake the arrogant celebrity donut-maker and adopted town prince, Chris. If only he could get Chris out of his hot dreams. But the guy boasts the best donuts in the state and an ass you could bounce quarters off—and Adam’s subconscious just can’t ignore him.

Then there’s Oliver. His life is fan-freaking-tastic—except it totally isn’t. Back home and living in his mother’s basement is the last place he expected to be at his age. Worse yet, the only job he can get is running a delivery route nobody wants. And for good reason. The last two bakery stops are made of evil—or so he’s been told. But his boss forgot to mention the bakeries are owned by the hottest men Oliver’s ever seen. Too bad they hate each other.

Or do they? The longer Oliver spends between these two hot bakers, the more he flips their antagonism upside down, their attraction making their alpha instincts kick in, much to their surprise. Now if only they can figure out how to deal with the even bigger surprise that’s about to kick—in Oliver.

A Bun in Their Omega’s Oven is a full-length, pun-filled, non-shifter, MMM, Mpreg romance featuring an omega who needs de-flouring, three men who make sure all things rise to the occasion, a chicken with more names than any critter needs, two stubborn bakers who know how to bring the knotty heat, and a special bun in the oven that will not be delivered via a truck.