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Atul Mohite - book author

Atul Mohite is the author of four books - Lucid Dream, Of Two Minds, Lucid Dream - the journey resumes and Jean Angel. He published his first book, Lucid Dream when he was nineteen years old which depicts his career transition from an aspiring engineer to a writer, while his other books have addressed complex themes involving psychology, romance and adventure inspired by his life events. He was born in the city of Karad, Maharashtra where he currently works as an officer at Bank of India. He enjoys listening to music and playing lawn tennis during his spare time.

Atul Mohite is the author of books: Lucid Dream, Jean Angel, Jean Angel : The Quest For An Ideal Kingdom, Lucid Dream: The Journey Resumes, Of Two Minds

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This is the era of technology. Two years ago, Suraj, a teenager, dreamed about a life devoted to technology. Today, he wants to be an author while millions of technocrats are in corporate careers, civil services, and entrepreneurship. Suraj has a Lucid Dream, a dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming. One’s teenage years are full of dreams. But not every dream is a sweet one. Sometimes Suraj has nightmares just like his friends. They know how it feels knocking on heaven’s door! Do you?
Book 1 of the Jean Angel Series:

Jean is growing up as a child in Kala Nagari, a town away from the misery of its neighboring kingdom Zesia. The king of Zesia is ferocious and is after the blood of people suffering from mental illness. He wants his kingdom to be strong and thinks that such people are good for nothing. But there’s a reason why such people are aggrieved in his kingdom. A famous prophet has predicted a prophecy that the king of Zesia shall be dethroned by someone who could see things that others cannot. Will someone with a mind so fragile be able to avenge the mighty king of Zesia?
Book 2 of the Jean Angel series:

This is the story of King Robert, the king of Zesia, and his emotional breakdown as he is missing his wife Tara and is afraid that his only family in Zesia, his son, might get hurt because he has gone into a depressive mindset where he believes that the prophecy of his destruction would soon come true. The child of the prophecy, Jean, has arrived in Zesia and his friend, Renee, is determined to become the next queen. Join their journey as they go through adventures of good and evil, love and hatred, defeat and glory, life and death.