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Rick Claypool is the author of absurd/weird/pulp sci-fi books THE MOLD FARMER (Six Gallery Press 2020) and LEECH GIRL LIVES (Spaceboy Books 2017). He lives in Pittsburgh.

Rick Claypool is the author of books: Leech Girl Lives, Not My President, The Anthology of Dissent, The Future Will Be Written By Robots

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"I used to live in the future. Giant leeches ate my arms and then replaced them. Under the circumstances, this was actually a good thing. Anyway now I'm here and I'm looking for someone else from the future."

Inspector Margo Chicago is the smartest, surliest art safety inspector in the Bublinaplex, and things aren't going her way. The guy she thinks she’s in love with has been banished. Her boss has been poisoned. Her cyborg has a limp.

Oh, and her arms have been devoured and replaced by a pair of enormous leeches.

As if that isn’t enough, it’s now up to Margo to save the Bublinaplex from art terrorists whose newest installation could drive humanity to extinction.

But things in the Bublinaplex are not as they seem. And when Margo uncovers the city’s murderous secrets, she must face a choice: Should she save the Bublinaplex? Or should she join the revolution dedicated to destroying it?
Thoughtcrime Press gathers voices from around the world in this anthology, including National Book Award winner, visual artists, New York Times Best Sellers, poets laureate, singers-songwriters, high school students, and children of illegal immigrants, all united in their opposition to the policies of Donald Trump.