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I find the outside world hard to deal with, the complications of daily life overwhelms me. In many ways, I am still that sickly kid I was at eight in hospital afraid of the world around him. My one and only escape is in the books I write. The stories and the characters I write about.
There I have no social pressures, no fears no complications no hurt no shame. There I can write about the things I am not, outgoing a charmer a ladies man, a tough guy, a bad boy. Everything other than the shy introvert I am.
I love writing about strong female characters, I think women are fascinating Honestly, I do. On any given day they (meaning women) can be the literal embodiment of a banshee. Or the truest and purest of angels sent from heaven.
I struggle writing male characters for some reason. My ultimate goal is to write one male character who is truly great good and pure. (Hoping Mable fills this role for me, in a future epic fantasy series to come)
Keep in touch I am awful at maintaining friendships. Please feel free to follow me and get to know me.

Jason Donoghue is the author of books: A Cursed Love, Ronan, Althea, Olympia

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A cautionary tale of love

Love is cursed, your cursed to be with that person all your life, to have and to hold from this day forth to the end of your days, whenever that day comes. But blind love doesn’t see the true character of love, it takes from you, but only so many times before it strips you of everything you once hoped and wished for.
A first-person perspective of life love and loss set in 11th century Ireland on the brink of war. With Norman support, an exiled King returns. Rónán an eight-year-old boy lays bedridden whilst the world moves on around him. While his sister Julia marries to form alliances, her father Lord Wyman fights to hold the family together. His son Maitiú a fifteen-year-old boy with the support of a cunning woman claims his rights by Brehon law to his father’s castle.

A fictional story closely linked to Irish History.
Struggling to fit in even amongst her own family, Althea is a mixed race child: half fairy, half human. Eight years old, she is unloved by her family and despised by kids her age. In a world struggling to come together she will find love and protection from the most unusual place: a world of myths, legends and magic.
An alternative cover edition for this ASIN can be found here.

Olympia, a twenty-year-old woman, is forced to defend her village as King Burr attacks on his giant red wyvern. Seeking revenge for her brother, she will get much and more of what she wants when she comes to face the giant red Wyvern in battle. Part one in the series of short stories to come.