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Jess Ryder - book author

Jess Ryder is a pseudonym of novelist/screenwriter/television producer, Jan Page

Jess Ryder is the author of books: The Ex-Wife, Lie to Me, The Good Sister, The Girl You Gave Away, The Dream House, I segreti di Westhill House, The Girl You Gave Away: An absolutely gripping psychological thriller

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You’ve got everything she wants …

Newly married Natasha has the perfect house, a loving husband and a beautiful little girl called Emily. She’d have it all if it wasn’t for Jen, her husband’s ex-wife who just won’t leave them alone …

Then Natasha returns home one day to find her husband and Emily gone without trace. Desperate to get her daughter back, Natasha will do anything even if it means accepting an offer of help from Jen. But can she trust her? And do either of them really know the man they married?

If you loved The Girl on the Train, Gone Girl or The Couple Next Door then this dark, twisting psychological thriller from Amazon chart bestseller Jess Ryder is guaranteed to have you gripped.
Three minutes. That’s all it takes for Meredith’s entire world to fall apart when she watches the videotape of her four-year-old self with Becca, the mother who abandoned her.

Meredith can’t believe what her eyes have seen. Yet what if her memory has locked away the painful reality of her childhood? Can there be any truth in the strange and dangerous story her mother forced her to tell on camera?

The search for answers leads Meredith to Darkwater Pool, the scene of the murder of a young woman, Cara, over 30 years ago. What could possibly be the link between her mother and the victim?

To find the truth Meredith must search through a past that is not her own. The problem is, she’s not the only one looking…

A dark, compulsive psychological thriller that will keep you up all night. Perfect for fans of Paula Hawkins and Louise Jensen.
Le monde de Josie vole en éclats quand son père disparaît dans un accident. La jeune femme est dévastée en découvrant que celui qu’elle aimait tant avait une double vie  : une autre maison, une autre famille… et une autre fille. Valentina.

Depuis cette révélation, les incidents étranges se succèdent pour les deux sœurs. Pourquoi Josie a-t-elle l’impression que quelqu’un s’insinue secrètement dans son intimité  ? Qui terrorise Valentina avec des messages menaçants  ? Et puis, il y a ce doute  : la mort de leur père est-elle vraiment accidentelle  ?

Rongées par la peur, les deux sœurs vont découvrir que le secret de leur père n’est rien à côté des mensonges de leurs proches. Des mensonges qui ont le goût amer du sang et qui mettent, maintenant, leurs vies en danger…

Mensonges et manipulations  : un thriller psychologique magistral.
All she wanted was the life they had…

It is the day of Erin’s fortieth birthday party. Pink and silver balloons drift through her garden, the platters of food are empty and the recycling is overflowing with empty wine bottles.

As Erin mingles with groups of family and friends, surrounded by love and laughter, she feels like the luckiest woman alive. She has no idea what fate has in store …

Then a little red envelope lands on the doormat and everything changes.

Inside is a birthday card from somebody she never dreamed would get in touch. Its message is a chilling reminder of the dark past that Erin has worked so hard to bury, a past that could put her precious family in terrible danger…

A gripping, spine-chilling read brimming with secrets and lies. If you loved The Girl on the Train or The Woman in the Window then this dark, twisting psychological thriller from bestselling author Jess Ryder is guaranteed to have you gripped.
It’s everything she’s ever wanted …

When I first set eyes on Westhill House with its breath-taking views of the sea I knew Jack and I could make this our forever home.

It may be falling apart with an overgrown garden, but with some tender loving care, we can repair this beautiful building and perhaps our relationship too …

But the more time I spend renovating our new house, the more time Jack is spending at work.

At least Lori is here to keep me company.

She has her own troubles yet she always listens to mine.

She’s helping to restore the house, uncovering its secrets one by one.

Like the children’s drawings under the wallpaper in the back bedroom.

The hidden papers underneath the floorboards in the turret room.

And the fact that Westhill House is a place women used to go to feel safe …

Lori seems to know a lot about Westhill House.

The question is, why?

A gripping, spine-chilling read brimming with secrets and lies. If you loved The Girl on the Train, The Wife Between Us or The Woman in the Window then this dark, twisting psychological thriller from Amazon chart bestseller Jess Ryder is guaranteed to have you gripped. 
Previously titled THE GUEST.
Quando ho posato per la prima volta gli occhi su Westhill House, collocata in quella posizione mozzafiato a strapiombo sul mare, ho capito che io e jack avremmo potuto vivere lì per sempre. Ero certa che con un po’ d’impegno sarei riuscita a riportarla all’antico splendore. E ristrutturando la casa avrei potuto aggiustare anche le cose tra me e Jack. Lui, però, è troppo preso dal suo lavoro… Se non fosse per Lori sarei già crollata. È venuta qui in cerca d’aiuto e di un posto sicuro in cui rifugiarsi, ma adesso sono io ad avere bisogno di lei. Mi dà una mano e mi tiene compagnia e insieme, poco alla volta, stiamo scoprendo i segreti di Westhill House. Come i disegni infantili coperti dalla carta da parati o gli appunti nascosti sotto le assi del pavimento. Ho il sospetto che Lori sappia molto più di quello che dice… La domanda è: perché?