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Poppy Parkes - book author

Poppy Parkes is the author of sweet and hot love stories, including The Light Between Us and Finding Me and You. Poppy writes, paints, and dreams in Montana, where she raises her two sons. She is in love with luscious color, moon-gazing, and dancing wild. And coffee. And wine. And chocolate. You know how it is.

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Poppy Parkes is the author of books: Hot for the Holidays, Bodyguard X2 (True Love X2), Her Declaration of Independence (The Fireworks Series), Cowboy's Pride, His Snow Bunny, Meant to be Yours (Love at First Sight #1), Head Over Heels (Love at First Sight #3), First Time Player, One in a Million (Love at First Sight #4), Falling Into You

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Ho ho... no?

It’s the holiday season, and the Flirt Club authors have a flirty new short story collaboration to deck your halls.

Meet the six scrooges of Snowdon, a quaint Massachusetts town that goes all out for the winter holidays. If only there was something (or someone...) that could melt these scrooges' holiday humbug and help them find something to love about the holidays.

Hang those stockings, trim that tree, and get your hot cocoa ready — the Sleeping With the Scrooge series releases December 4th, 2019!
I didn’t mean to become an overnight internet sensation. 


And yeah, I know that when people say that, they’re usually lying. They almost always want it, and worked hard to get it.

I didn’t.

What I do work my ass off on is my music — I mean, my serious music. My genre-bending rock ’n’ roll work that’s sometimes a little folk and always as raw and badass as I can manage.
“Hit It, Beyotch” is not that. But it’s what everyone knows me for.

I’m Aria Mack, YouTube star and the Rebecca Black of my generation. I'm only nineteen, but I'm already the object of viral hate that spans the globe. I wish every damn day that I was not.

Because the world is out to hate me, my parents hire two bodyguards to protect me. Little do any of us know where that will lead . . .

The Flirt Club presents True Love X2, a series of MFM romances with double the heat, double the heart, and double the happily-ever-afters! Guaranteed!

Bodyguard X2 is a short MFM romance featuring a nineteen-year-old girl and her two bodyguards, respectively age twenty-two and fifty. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and only consensual shenanigans await. This over-the-top contemporary insta-love story will light your fire and make you smile. ;)
Betsy Madison just got broken up with and is looking to make a fresh declaration of her own independence. Studly firefighter Jamie Banner is looking for a change of pace in Milltown. When they meet, fireworks are guaranteed.

The Fourth of July is my absolutely least favorite thing. An entire day dedicated to thundering explosions and crazy-making lights that drive my clients wild (well, wilder than they already are, given that they’re cats and dogs)? Thanks, but no.

The only thing I like less than the Fourth is my ex, and good riddance to him. I gave him seven years of my life, and in the end he gave me an eyeful of his cheating ass in my bed with some brunette. Said he wasn’t ready for long term, that he needed something explosive. I hope the fact that I had a moving van and team at the house within the hour, moving his shit the hell out of there, was explosive enough for him.

So sure, while I’m not exactly thrilled about this year’s fireworks show — the one that puts my town of Milltown, Colorado, on the map — I’m ready for something new. Something fresh. Something . . . well, something explosive. In a good way.

This year, I’m celebrating the Fourth by making a fresh declaration of independence to bring me back to life after seven years of gathering dust on the arm of a guy who didn’t deserve me — or, hell, even want me.

It’s time to focus on me.

When firefighter Jamie Banner walks into my life, I know exactly what I’d like to do with him. And it’s not exactly ladylike.

Happy 4th of July!

Welcome to Milltown, Colorado, population 15,000, where the only things hotter than the annual fireworks show are the men in uniform and the women who want to light their fuses.

Join the authors of Flirt Club in The Fireworks Series of stories that celebrate small-town summers, BBQs, and all things that end with a bang!

Where will you be when the fireworks start?
He's made something of himself and, in spite of herself, she likes what she sees.

Rosalie George hasn't been back to the lakeside tourist town of Paulson, Montana, for years. She's got her reasons -- damned good ones. But this year her family wouldn't let her miss the annual cherry festival, so in an effort to appease the people who loved her so well through so much, she's back in Paulson. When the hotel drops her reservation, she finds herself at Starwood Rest, an up-and-coming luxury camping resort with actual tents and a herd of a horses -- and a hunk of an owner.

Jess Porter was a quiet beanpole of a teenager, voted least likely to succeed after high school. But he stayed in Paulson and, against all the odds, is now owner of Starwood Rest, the best damn glamping spot in the Flathead Valley -- and soon to be, he believes, in the west. He can handle anything life throws his way -- but when he learns that his high school crush, Rosalie George, is staying at Starwood, he can't shake the feelings for her that come rushing back.

She's got every reason to run from Paulson, and he can't see himself ever leaving. But when Rosalie and Jess reenter each other's orbits, they begin to question what really matters to them, and what's worth giving up for the right reasons -- and the right person.
There’s a first time for everything…

The last thing Winter Whittaker wants is to spend her weekend at Bachelor Mountain ski resort grooming the ego of Olympian Brett Carnegie. But her little sister secretly entered her in the “Meet a Celebrity” contest, so she has to pack her snow gear and head to the peak.

But when she snowplows into photographer Gabe Delgado, she finds herself rethinking everything — including giving up the V card she’s been saving for just the right person.

And she’s not the only one willing to make sacrifices to be with the person who makes her heart sing and her magic carpet throb. Gabe is right there with her, considering making a bomb run on his career to cut fresh tracks toward happily ever after with Winter.

The only question is — is she ready for forever, or will the weekend be a total wipeout?

Get ready to hit the slopes, snow bunnies, because love is coming in like an avalanche.

When world champion skier, Brett Carnegie, hosts the Meet The Celebrity weekend at Bachelor Mountain Resort, everything and everyone is fair game. It’s a reality show with an avalanche of hotties sure to melt your moguls.

Lace up those boots, click on those skis, and don’t forget your mittens, sexy kittens…Flirt Club is headed to the mountains! Join your favorite romance authors at Bachelor Mountain Resort and melt away the frost with some steamy winter goodness!
I should have known.

Now that I look back over the past few weeks, I can see signs of this coming.

I’d thought it was wedding jitters. Our family had begun trickling into Shotgun, our western Montana town, making the incoming life commitment all the more real. That’d be enough to make any groom-to-be nervous.

But then my fiancé never showed up to our wedding

My three bridesmaid friends were amazing. They’d spun into action dispersing the guests while I sat, numb. Now we’re driving to the closest dive bar at my request, and I feel lots of things.

Hurt. Confused. Betrayed.

But most of all, I feel like my insides are alight with anger.

I’m ready to blow off some steam.

But love isn’t done with me yet. It has one more trick up its sleeve . . .

Meant to be Yours
is a super hot story about finding true love at the most unlikely of times. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and only consensual shenanigans await. This contemporary instalove romance is first in the Love at First Sight series, and will make you squirm with delight. ;) Steamy happily ever after guaranteed!
I wouldn’t say I’ve lived a charmed life, but seeing things through rose color glasses? I’m a happy-go-lucky twenty-something, and that’s kind of my thing.

That is, until some bad news comes along and has the balls to knock the wind out of me.

Maybe that’s why I’m suddenly seeing Ben Larsen in a whole new light. But he’s the single dad of one of the kids I work with in Outdoor Adventure’s afterschool program, so he’s probably off limits.

The thing is . . . I’m not sure that I care.

Outdoor adventure leader Hattie MacLean never wanted love — she's perfectly happy flitting from partner to partner, not tied down by commitment, thank you very much.

Then single dad Ben Larsen asks her to pretend to be his girlfriend for a night and suddenly she’s feeling things for him that she did not expect.

But is she ready to risk it all to fall head over heels for someone? And even if she is, will he want her back?

Head Over Heels is a super hot friends-to-romance story about a younger woman falling in love with an older man. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and only consensual shenanigans await. This contemporary instalove romance is the third installment in the Love at First Sight series but can be read as a standalone story. Hattie and Ben will make you squirm with delight. Steamy happily ever after guaranteed! ;)

Content warning: infertility, spousal loss
Is electric attraction enough to break down their barriers?

First Time Player is a sweet and hot instalove nerd romance. Wes is defying his parents' expectations to go into tech, Ana owns the best damn video game store in town. They meet at a geek convention, and the attraction is instant and undeniable. But is that hunger enough for them to break through their barriers and satisfy their cravings for connection?

Wes is the consummate golden child in his family and has the world at his finger tips — but he risks it all to follow his dream of designing apps for video gamers. And now he’s making it, finding success against all the odds.

When he meets Ana — owner of the best damn video game store in town, if she does say so herself — at his first gaming con, he feels an instant connection that makes him crave her like no other.

And Ana feels it, too, powerfully. But she’s been hurt so many times by the men she’s met while scouting new tech at these events, and she’s afraid to trust that it’s safe to open her heart to Wes. But she wants to — and wants him. Badly.

Will Ana let herself fall for this man who seems to be everything she’s been craving? And Wes has a secret that could drive her crazy, but he’s not sure how to tell her.

This is a sweet and sassy instalove novella from the author of The Light Between Us books, and sure to please fans of quick ’n’ dirty romances.
When Amelia went from getting left at the altar to finding love at first sight with the man of her dreams, I felt elated.

And when Kate’s near-concussion turned into true love, I celebrated.

But then Hattie found her forever-love in the arms of the single father of one of her Outdoor Adventure kids, and suddenly I found myself the only one of my friends without someone to go home to at night. And I always will be.

Because I’m one in a million — because I’m incapable of love.

I’m a therapist by profession and the simple fact is that I know too much about what can go wrong in love to believe that it can ever go right for me.

But then an incident brings silver fox Oliver Lewis into my life and threatens everything that I think I know about me and love . . .

Emmy Romano is convinced that love isn’t in the cards for her. After all the rocky relationships she’s seen come through her counseling business, she’s all too happy to walk away from the pain that always seems to come hand-in-hand with love.

That is, until she meets Oliver Lewis, a secret millionaire lawyer two decades her senior who thinks she’s everything he’s been waiting for and didn’t know it. And she can’t deny that he makes her feel things she never thought she was capable of feeling.

The only question is — does she really believe that he’s her one in a million chance at love, or will she push him away before he has a chance to show her how good a relationship can be?

One in a Million is a crazy-hot secret billionaire (well, millionaire, but who’s counting?) romance involving a younger woman and a significantly older man. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and only consensual shenanigans await. This contemporary instalove romance is the fourth installment in the Love at First Sight series. Get ready for a super-steamy happily ever after!

I left Edgewood as soon as I could. After a teen pregnancy made me the town outcast, I can't say I've had any desire to return. But it’s been years, and now my mother is ill and I can't stay away. So I'll go back because I have to. Because I love my family. I won't stay, though, I know that for sure.

At least, I thought I did. Until Ash shows up and makes me question everything. He was one of the very few people who never turned their back on me. And now, seeing him again after all these years, I feel drawn to him in a way I can’t explain — and that I ache to explore, if only I have the courage.


Isla was always off limits. She was my best friend’s sister. After I saw how he reacted when her high school boyfriend knocked up and then abandoned her, I knew I couldn’t risk our friendship on the chance she might have feelings for me. Besides, between finishing school and being a young mom, she had enough on her plate without me muddying the waters.

But now she’s back, come so far from where she was when she left Edgewood — and she’s more beautiful than ever.

And maybe I’m crazy, but I can’t shake the sense that my feelings toward her might not be one-sided. The only question is, will I take the chance now that I didn’t before?

Falling Into You is a sweet and smutty second chance romance set in autumn New England. It’s guaranteed to warm you up on a chilly fall evening with its heat and happily ever after.