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Jaylen Florian is the author of books: Guarding His Fortunes, Thirst (Unexpected Attraction, #1), Serving the Neighborhood (Men of Rugged Heights #1), Longing (Unexpected Attraction, #2), Patrolling the Neighborhood (Men of Rugged Heights #2), Scorching the Neighborhood (Men of Rugged Heights, #6), Daring the Neighborhood (Men of Rugged Heights #3), Lured (Straight Taste #3), Welcoming the Neighborhood (Men of Rugged Heights #5), Guarding His Jewels (Passionate Security #1)

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Elan, a captivating park ranger and glassblowing artist with a bevy of secrets, resists the new hotshot charged with protecting him and his luminous creations.

Sam, a clever and tenacious security guard, investigates a puzzling heist at a fine art gallery and discovers a vast, hidden fortune is at stake.

Intimacy is the last thing on the minds of these rugged men. Neither man would ever dream that the other could crash through his walls and excite his imagination.

As Elan and Sam build trust to solve the theft, a more dangerous crime strikes in the middle of the night and threatens much more than wealth and riches. The key to unraveling the mysteries is a realization that can only be achieved once the men share concealed feelings and open up about the past.

“Guarding His Fortunes” is a romantic mystery set in the enchanting historical city of Santa Fe, New Mexico, and its surrounding hills and mountainous regions. This book is written in present tense with a third person point of view and it contains passionate themes intended for mature audiences.
Mike, the good-looking straight guy next door, does not expect to have his desires challenged.  A successful business owner, but lonely and widowed at thirty, Mike occupies his time playing sports, drinking bourbon, reading spy novels, and watching classic movies.  

Colton, a mysterious stranger, is capturing the sexual fascination of Mike's friends.  New to the suburban neighborhood, Colton is taking a break from modeling and tempting other men with exploits, no strings attached.  

On the prowl, Colton makes it clear his sights are targeted on Mike.  When Mike discovers the opportunity to test his boundaries, how far will he yield to another man's touch?

"Serving The Neighborhood" is an erotic novelette (11,000+ words) intended only for mature audiences.  It is the first story in the Men of Rugged Heights book series.  
It was only supposed to be physical...

Two tough and formidable men attempt a casual understanding and freewheeling approach to male bonding and friendship. They begin to hook up, now and then, no strings attached.

But when sparks extend beyond the bedroom, these lonely men are challenged to the breaking point by their magnetic attraction to one another. Both have rigorous job demands and they struggle with their secrets and futures.

Pierre's electrifying career seems to be soaring, but he's confined by a professional bad boy persona at odds with his true nature. He's rich and becoming famous, but he has untapped creative interests not satisfied by his life on the road and scripted fights in televised arenas.

Matthew, stung from past betrayal, had lost any interest in pursuing other men. He has bigger priorities than intimacy, anyway. He's being considered for a promotion to detective sergeant on the police force, and besides dedicating himself to the safety of his community, he's absolutely devoted to his father and his dog, who completely depend on him.

"Longing" is a friends to lovers male romance novel. It features dynamic and impressive men convinced they can never love each other with all-embracing hearts. Read now to join them on their quests toward meaningful joy and fulfillment.
Vance, a confident young police officer, naturally commands respect.  He is comfortable being in control of all aspects of his life.

But Vance's love life has suffered from repeated crash endings.  He now challenges himself to explore new impulses, including his sometimes intense attractions to other virile men.

Colton, an enigmatic new neighbor, unexpectedly enters his life.  Colton offers Vance an opportunity to experiment, physically and emotionally, with his evolving sexuality.  However, reaching his full potential for ecstatic pleasure may require the unthinkable for Vance -- a three way where he shares and releases power with other men.

"Patrolling the Neighborhood" is erotic fiction (a novelette) intended only for mature audiences.  It is the second book in the Men of Rugged Heights series.  It can be read as a stand-alone story or as part of the series.
Who’s writing and posting the uninhibited thirst letters about the fire captain?

Julian, the captain, is only days away from the auction block. He’s agreed to headline a bachelor auction to raise money for charity at the annual Rugged Heights neighborhood fundraiser.

Consumed by his prestigious firefighting leadership position, Julian is oblivious that anyone passionately yearns for him until the first note — a secret crush letter — is anonymously posted on a park clubhouse bulletin board.

Shocked by the public expressions of frenzied infatuation, he digs deeper. Is this a joke? An old flame making a new play for him? Or is it just someone’s clever attempt to intensify a bidding war for him at the charity benefit?

Julian needs to be prepared for anything. He might even be ready to begin dating men again. However, one thing seems certain. He should get his answers by the time the auction gavel strikes at the event, finally revealing everything.

“Scorching the Neighborhood” is gay fiction (a novelette, more than 16,000 words), the sixth book in the Men of Rugged Heights series. The story stands alone or can be read as part of the series.
Neighborhood men getting together for a game of night basketball expect just another friendly competition.  Nude modeling is the furthest thing from their minds.

But amidst all of the bravado and trash talking, one player proposes raising the stakes.  His dare is simple.  The winning team splits a cooler full of beer, while the losing teammates pose in the buff for his "Masculinity and Tenderness" fine art painting series.

Three men, convinced they will triumph, are not expecting any shocking adventures.  Vance is a confident young police officer with a robust libido.  Mike is a 30-year-old businessman with an athlete's body and a private jacuzzi.  Weston, the manager of an electronics store, considers himself homely and sees nothing special in his unique facial features.  

"Daring the Neighborhood" is a work of gay fiction (a novelette, 9,500 words) with erotic content intended only for mature audiences.  It is the third book in the Men of Rugged Heights series and can be read as a stand-alone story or as part of the series. 
Eager for intimacy with other men, Kieran experiments with strangers after a late night visit to a truck stop.

But Kieran is naive, young, and new to town.  He works at a wetlands preserve and hasn't yet formed supportive friendships.  Accustomed to savoring only his fantasies, Kieran's limited real world experience has not prepared him for deceivers harboring secret agendas.

In other words, Kieran could be easily tempted.

Intrigued by three alluring men, Kieran must challenge his wits to determine who he can trust.  Leo, the savvy cross country trucker with smoldering eyes?  Tom, the ruggedly sexy janitor with a bewildering request?  Andrew, a perceptive tattoo artist who may offer him something more than friendship?

"Lured" is tantalizing short fiction (17,000 words, a novelette) intended only for mature audiences.  It is the third book in the Straight Taste series and it can be read as a stand-alone story or as part of the series.
Who will be the last hunk to leave the housewarming party?

Darryl, enjoying success in his career, just purchased a magnificent home in Rugged Heights. But he’s new to town and eager for companionship.

Darryl has casually begun playing night basketball with some guys in his neighborhood. He is captivated by these stunning men and desperately wants to get to know them better.

Acting on a tip from a lonely hearts article on a gay web site, Darryl decides to host a housewarming party and invite his neighbors. Though worried no one will show up, he’s advised to stay positive and take particular note of the last guy to leave his party.

That’s the one, as the adage goes, who holds the promise to a new beginning.

“Welcoming the Neighborhood,” the fifth book in the Men of Rugged Heights series, is passionate fiction (a novelette, more than 13,000 words) intended for mature audiences.
Ryan, a naive young security guard, is lured into intrigue with professional mixed martial arts fighters and their bodyguards in the days leading up to a world championship grudge match.

More is at stake than just the title belt, prize money, and glory. The reigning champ has been threatened with losing valuable championship rings and treasured body parts by his opponent.

Ryan is chosen to execute schemes, integrating his budding sexuality, that will help keep the champion safe until he steps into the cage. The quest immerses Ryan into a secret underground world of hideaways in mansions and beach houses.

Grappling with constant surprises and temptations, Ryan’s judgment may be clouded by encounters with these dangerous, mysterious men. His mission is also complicated by his fears and suspicions. He struggles with what is real and what is bluster. He may have to conceal private confidences so that innocent people are not harmed.

Underestimated, Ryan strives to fulfill his role, heed his conscience, explore his desires, keep his hero safe, and determine the truth.

“Guarding His Jewels” is a novel with passionate and romantic themes intended for mature audiences.