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Isabella Starling - book author

I'm a self-published author of dark romance and romantic suspense. My pen name Isabella Starling was born in the summer of 2016. I write books that I'd want to read myself, because I started off as a reader myself.





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Virgin + older man taboo novels:
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Empire Sin series:
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Isabella Starling is the author of books: His Brat, Pet, His Doll, Peep Show, Daddy's Girl, Confess, Vengeance, Dark Blood (Mafia Brides, #1), Breaking Belle (Princess After Dark #2), Collaring Cinderella (Princess After Dark, #1)

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This brat is about to be taught a lesson.
She's off limits. The one girl I can't have. Of course, I don't know that when I see her for the first time and bury myself inside her.
But I'm marrying her mother... a loveless marriage that means nothing to either of us, but still means Lola Grace can't be mine.
I wouldn't be good for her, anyway. I play hard, and f*ck harder. I'd ruin a pretty young girl like her in mere hours.
But I just can't resist... Lola Grace is too damn sweet for me to give up.

My life changes when Max River walks into it.
He complicates everything, making me regret ever setting eyes on his tall, inked and toned body.
But at the same time, I can't let go.
I know the rules.
No kissing.
Not touching.
No talking.
No f*cking.
And I'm about to break every one of them.

Full-length novel. Standalone, no cliffhanger. HEA guaranteed.
My name is Pet. My story is going to break your heart.
The first thing you should know about me, is that I'm a good girl.
I follow directions. I bend at the waist. I do anything and everything my King tells me to.
But King is demanding. King is dangerous. He wants to hurt me.
And there is only one person who can help me run away from King...
Except I don't know if I want to leave him. I don't know if I can.

Good pets always obey their master... But what if I want to have two?

PET is a standalone 95,000 word novel. This is a DARK romance!
She's stripping.
I'm watching.
She's playing.
I'm watching.
She's mine, I'm coming...

Bebe Hall is a heartbreaker. She's the it girl of the moment, a partygirl nobody can stop in her path of self destruction. Bebe Hall isn't the star of her own story.
She's the star of mine.
My name is Miles O'Reilly. I'm a photographer. An agoraphobic. A millionaire. A womanizer. I'm confined to my apartment. I don't leave. Ever.
But when she sees me with my latest online conquest in the window of my apartment, my attention shifts to Bebe.
And once I see something I want, I don't give up until it's mine.

Peep Show is a 90,000 word novel with themes of voyeurism and dark scenes that may be upsetting to readers. If you are brave enough, come meet Miles. He's been waiting for you.
Every brat needs a Daddy.
I'm a very, very bad man. A monster sweet, innocent little Lily should run away from.
She should know I only want to steal her. Take everything that matters to her and take it away.
I've been watching her, wanting her. Now, I'm going to take her.
And I won't rest until her pretty little mouth utters the word I want to hear from her lips.

He's kidnapped me. Locked me away. He's done awful things to me.
So why does every part of me want to beg him to keep going?
I want him to hurt me.
I want him to love me.
I want him to take care of me.
I want him to be my Daddy.

Full-length dark romance novel. Standalone, no cliffhanger, no cheating. HEA guaranteed.
My name is Amadeo Dacosta, but you... you will only call me Father.

I’ve been watching Carlotta Tomassi for months, biding my time to pluck her out of her sheltered life. The mafia kingpin’s daughter is not going to be a sweet little thing much longer. Not if I have anything to do with it.

Soon, she will be kidnapped. Taken. Captive. Carlotta’s transformation from sweet little lamb to broken sinner will begin in the cell I built for her. Barely legal and enchanting in her innocent beauty, she will be my prized possession.

I can’t wait for her to open her eyes and realize she’s now my property. The fear. The anticipation. The pain. I will take it all. And the first words I’ll tell her will seal her fate.

It's time to confess, little sinner.
And Father does not forgive.

Confess is a full-length novel with a dirty priest straight out of your fantasies... or nightmares.
This is a captive dark mafia romance.
Bad daddies come to good girls who wait...
I want my Vengeance.
I want him to feel my WRATH.
I don't want to fall for him. I don't want to love a killer.
An inked, handsome as sin monster in an expensive suit.

He ruined my childhood.
He's the reason my family fell apart.
He just bought me and took my virginity in front of my stepfather...

He wants me to be perfect little girl for him.
I know this won't last forever.
But there are only two ways for it to end.

Either I go through with my plan, and ruin Carter Knight...
Or he gets what he wants instead.

Me on my knees, with 'daddy' on my lips...

Vengeance is a standalone novel with no cliffhanger.
It's the first in the Empire Sin series based on the seven deadly sins.
This is a DARK romance.
DARK BLOOD runs through her veins,
and the beast is on her trail...

For the first time in her life, Bianca Da Costa feels free, even when she is bound by chains. Kidnapped from under her mobster daddy's nose, she has no way of escaping the Hound - the Abbate crime family's most vicious hitman.
But maybe she doesn't want to escape. Maybe her savior is the dark beast himself... And to face him, Bianca will have to look right into the eyes of the monster.

Matteo Salini is trained to kill. Pumped with drugs and used to blood, he doesn't expect to flinch when he has to take Bianca's life. She's beautiful - there is no doubt in that.
But Matteo has women servicing him left and right, and he doesn't need a spoiled mafia princess to screw with his head. Bianca is much more than that, though, and her tenderness finds its way under Matteo's rough skin. She might be his only chance of redemption.

She's his prisoner, he's her savior.

WARNING! Dark romantic themes included. If you don't like your bad boys BAD, look the other way!
A pair of shoes won't change your life...
But a diamond collar just might.

I only have two passions in life - my jewelry making business, and women.
And I like to indulge in both, any chance I get.

And then I stumble upon her - Ella Monroe. Sassy but shy. Innocent but sexy. So sweet I know no other man has tasted her.

She's my housekeeper's stepdaughter. Off-limits. So why do I want to bend her over my desk and show her what her virgin body has been missing?

I'm going to own her. I'm going to put a diamond collar around her throat and make her all mine. My princess Ella.

I'll give her a happily ever after.
Whether she wants it or not.

Possessive and arrogant, sexy as hell alpha wrapped in a designer suit? You got it. Innocent virgin heroine? Always. Add instalove that will make your panties melt, a magical fairytale, and a Christmas ball with a lost diamond collar, and you have your perfect winter read. Quick, smutty and delicious - HEA guaranteed, NO cliffhanger, NO cheating and a standalone story. It's all you wished for this Christmas.