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Wendy Meadows is a passionate Cozy Mystery Author whose stories showcase witty women sleuths and engaging plots. To date, she has published dozens of books, which include her popular Sweetfern Harbor Series, Maple Hill Series, and Alaska Cozy Series, to name a few.

In a previous life, Wendy worked as a Graphic Designer, earning her Graphic Design Certification at the prestigious New York based Sessions School of Design. With this valuable artistic background, she designs her own book covers. In fact, she began writing fiction soon after designing numerous book covers for other fiction authors.

When she isn't writing about amateur sleuths and their tactful crime solving, you can find Wendy either tending to her hobby farm, playing video games, or relaxing on her back porch. She also loves spending quality time with her husband, two sons, mini pig, and one adorable Labradoodle. Together, they call "The Granite State" home sweet home.

Wendy Meadows is the author of books: Posies and Poison (Sweetfern Harbor #1), The Snowman Killer (Alaska #1), Dead in Bed (Sweetfern Harbor #2), Captain Dead Man (Sweetfern Harbor #3), Deep in the Snow (Alaska #2), Turkey, Pies and Alibis (Sweetfern Harbor #5), Ghostly Tours (Sweetfern Harbor #4), Mystery, Snow, and Mistletoe (Sweetfern Harbor #6), Snow is not the Time (Alaska #4), Snow Happens (Alaska #3)

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When Brenda Sheffield receives the letter from Edward Graham she knows her life will change drastically. She is now the proud owner of Sheffield Bed and Breakfast in the seaboard town of Sweetfern Harbor, willed to her by her uncle Randolph Sheffield. After pursuing a career as an amateur sleuth, she looks forward to the new challenge.

Once she arrives in the picturesque village, the colorful shops and enticing townspeople hold her spellbound. Assured crime never happens in the safest place along the New England coast, she delves into her new career. Brenda learns that not all is as it seems in Sweetfern Harbor. A despicable woman named Lady Pendleton not only owns most of the town, but she also makes it her mission to continue vendettas against everyone by regularly raising rents on businesses and homes. She is known to have ruined people financially more than once.

The day Lady Pendleton’s car comes barreling toward the Sheffield Bed and Breakfast, Brenda watches in horror until it comes to an abrupt stop. When Lady Pendleton does not emerge from the car, Brenda discovers her slumped over the steering wheel. She is pronounced dead by the Coroner and he deems it a homicide. Most of the townspeople become suspects.

The very handsome Detective Mac Rivers enlists Brenda’s help in solving the case. Brenda discovers twists and turns in every tidbit of new information that reaches her. The intertwining of loyalties and fierce protection of one another in Sweetfern Harbor adds to the difficulty in solving the case. On top of that, Brenda must keep focused on the case, and not on Mac Rivers’ charm.
Sweetfern Harbor Bed and Breakfast Cozy Mysteries can be read in one to two hours. It is perfect for those moments when you are waiting at an appointment or want to enjoy a quick read.
This winter cozy mystery series can be read in one to two hours. It is perfect for those moments when you are waiting at an appointment or want to enjoy a quick read.
Sarah Garland, a retired homicide detective who’s gone through a painful divorce, seems to have found her peace at last, as a coffeeshop owner, in the sleepy (and freezing) small town of Snow Falls, Alaska. What she didn’t expect, was for her past life to catch up with her. Or, for her new life as a mystery writer to inspire a deadly killer to target her.

Yet, when the killer leaves a frightening clue-a creepy snowman, donning a leather jacket and eating a peppermint candy cane, left in front of her cabin-Sarah begins to suspect Conrad Spencer, the new detective in town, who is pursuing a murderer of his own. Soon, it becomes obvious that the sleuths would have to join forces, in order to catch the killer.

Sarah and Conrad must put their tragic pasts behind them and find out who’s after her…before the trail becomes frozen.
Brenda Sheffield is thrilled to host the East Coast Acting Troupe in her inn set above the Atlantic Ocean. Excitement permeates the Sheffield Bed and Breakfast and injects new life in the small town of Sweetfern Harbor. Ellen Teague, the famous actress will be given a large suite on the second floor. From the adjoining room she will have access to her assistant Chester Boyd. Chester caters to her every whim. Ellen is demanding and narcissistic. She is liked by very few members of the troupe who are there to perform “The Rich Game.”

After the first performance at Harbor Park, Edward Graham pulls Brenda aside and tells her he has serious business to discuss with her. The lawyer informs her that Ellen Teague states she is the rightful owner of Sheffield Bed and Breakfast, not Brenda. Brenda argues her uncle’s will states she is the heir to his property. Ellen argues she and Randolph Sheffield signed an agreement that the bed and breakfast would be hers.

When Brenda confronts Ellen late at night, a loud argument ensues. Brenda’s raised voice awakens the cast members who were sound asleep. Brenda doesn’t think about this and goes to her apartment seething in anger. The next morning, she becomes fully alert when one of the cast members informs her that Ellen Teague is dead in her bed. As if this discovery isn’t shocking enough, Brenda is dismayed when Detective Mac Rivers narrows her down as his prime suspect and states she has the strongest motive for killing the star who demanded her rights to the bed and breakfast. Brenda and Mac are in love with one another, or at least that is what he told her when he gave her the Promise ring the day before. The estrangement leaves Brenda to solve the murder case as soon as possible or Mac plans to serve the warrant for her arrest.

This will be no easy task since at times all of the actors argued with Ellen. Combined with the fact that none of them cared for her egotistical behavior they also had individual motives for wanting her dead. Brenda knows she is on her own. Will the forty-eight hours the detective gave her be enough to prove who the killer really is? It is the only way Brenda will avoid prison for the rest of her life, and she realizes time is of essence.
Sweetfern Harbor Bed and Breakfast Cozy Mysteries can be read in one to two hours. It is perfect for those moments when you are waiting at an appointment or want to enjoy a quick read.
Excitement races through Sweetfern Harbor as the famous July boat races near. Brenda Sheffield finds herself busier than ever at Sheffield Bed and Breakfast. Her place is booked solid and calls come daily from potential and hopeful customers that have to be turned down. Brenda has never been as happy as she is now. Detective Mac Rivers asks her to marry him and she accepts. Her disappointment comes when he wants her to wait to announce the news until after the long weekend is over. She reluctantly agrees.

In the meantime, he suggests they go to Morning Sun Coffee Shop where the famous three Captains are hanging out. They are close friends and fierce competitors and the stars of the race. Scully proves to be boisterous and reigns with bragging rights of winning this race. He jabs his friends in friendly banter and Captain Pratt joins in. They entertain the crowd that moves closer to their table. Captain Eddy joins in but speaks less words than the other two. He is affable and draws a group of fans, too, but he allows the other two to have their good fun. Brenda and Mac are invited to tour the new boats crafted by local boat builder Wally Doyle before the races the next day. Brenda is excited to see the inside of a racing boat for the first time in her life.

The next morning when the Captains tell them to go on and take tours by themselves, Mac and Brenda first enter Captain Eddy’s boat. They presume he is inside since he wasn’t with the other two down on Main Street. Shock sets in when they discover Captain Eddy is dead in his cabin. After calling for back-up, they discover signs around the boat that indicate this was not a natural death.

A visiting Detective and long-time friend of Mac’s suddenly becomes the Captain of Eddy’s boat. A Judge deems the races go forward as planned. It isn’t long into the race when all evidence left on the boat sinks to the bottom of the ocean with the vessel. Bryce Jones barely escapes with his life intact. With all evidence now gone, Mac enlists Brenda’s help and together they must find out who had a reason to not only kill Captain Eddy but also make sure the crime would not be solved. Plenty of suspects come to their minds. Wally, the boat builder, Detective Bryce Jones, now Captain of the dead man’s boat and the two other Captains. It won’t be easy to prove who committed the crime, but Brenda delves into the matter on the side and has her suspicions found to be true when the suspects are called together.
This winter cozy mystery series can be read in one to two hours. It is perfect for those moments when you are waiting at an appointment or want to enjoy a quick read.

Where one case ends, another one begins.

A new killer is after Detective Conrad Spencer, and he decides to turn to the only person he knows who can possibly help him out: former detective turned mystery writer Sarah Garland.

Meeting at her cabin to escape a terrible snow storm, Det. Spencer spins a dangerous tale of the mafia he was hunting down in New York. Spencer also informs Sarah that he plans to track down his ex-wife’s killer for good, and that he was given seven days to do so, or he’s as good as dead. To make matters worse for Spencer, that very mafia boss is in Snowy Falls, looking for him.

Cleverly using the upcoming blizzard to cover his (or her) tracks towards Spencer, it seems the invisible killer, be it the mafia boss or someone else, is determined to catch their prey.

To help her new friend, Sarah must count on her former skills to uncover the killer’s tracks, or run the risk of her and Spencer being put on ice.
Sweetfern Harbor Bed and Breakfast Cozy Mysteries can be read in one to two hours. It is perfect for those moments when you are waiting at an appointment or want to enjoy a quick read.

Brenda Sheffield wishes her father would respond to her invitations to visit Sheffield Bed and Breakfast. So far only silence answers her calls and letters. Saddened that her once loving father chooses to widen the gap in their relationship is the only thing missing from Brenda’s happiness. Above all, she hopes he will accept the invitation to her wedding that is coming up in less than a month. Tim Sheffield cannot understand why his only daughter wishes to marry someone who has the lowly career as Detective of a small Police Force in a town like Sweetfern Harbor.

When Tim arrives without anyone knowing he is coming, he demands a room in an already booked weekend. It is Thanksgiving and Sweetfern Harbor has many tourists arriving by the hour. Brenda’s bed and breakfast has been booked for months. She knows if she sends her father to the local Hotel he may very well fast return to Michigan rather than stick around with her. There is only one solution and that is to book the tourist couple, Rachel and Nick Bernard into the historic Hotel in town. She assures the upset couple, who opted to stay beyond their two-night booking, that the inn will foot the bill for a luxurious room in the historic hotel.

A day later the Sheffield Bed and Breakfast float is completed and ready for the celebratory parade downtown. Brenda is ready to pitch candy to onlookers but above all, she is determined to win first place in the float contest. Along the route she is out of candy and reaches down into the overflow bin of candy only to grasp the hand of a dead body.

From then on, the estrangement between herself and her father only deepens when fingers point to Tim Sheffield as the murderer of the victim. Brenda decides it is up to her to find the real killer and divert attention from her father. She must sift through aliases and forge ahead. There is no way she can marry Mac Rivers, Detective, until her father is cleared since Mac can’t remove Tim Sheffield from his list of suspects. Brenda wonders if her relationship with her father will recover under the adverse circumstances ahead of her.
Sweetfern Harbor Bed and Breakfast Cozy Mysteries can be read in one to two hours. It is perfect for those moments when you are waiting at an appointment or want to enjoy a quick read.Halloween draws closer and each day brings more imaginative ghost stories to Brenda Sheffield’s attention. She is well aware that the Sheffield Bed and Breakfast is conducive to the notions the place is haunted. When her young Reservationist Allie Williams asks her if she believes the inn is haunted, Brenda brushes it off. Just thoughts along those lines, causes her dread. She adamantly assures the young woman there are no ghosts roaming the hallways. Allie and Housekeeper Phyllis Lindsey come up with the idea to give candlelight tours during Sweetfern Harbor’s Halloween festivities. First, Brenda must find out all she can about her bed and breakfast from the local library.

When she meets with Mrs. Perch, Librarian, she is horrified to discover the sinister side of Sheffield Bed and Breakfast. She has no idea so many disturbing events occurred over the years in her beloved inn. Brenda finally decides to agree to the tours and excitement grows. Even Brenda is willing to partake as a Guide the first night. She easily gets into her role until foreboding washes over her outside the Eddy Room where a guest was found murdered not so long ago. She collapses when she spots something unexpected stretched across the bed. Detective Bryce Jones, a member of her tour group, takes command of the situation. The Halloween decoration is in fact a dead body wrapped as a mummy.

The next day when Brenda recovers from her shock, she meets with William Pendleton, lifetime resident of Sweetfern Harbor and historian. She needs more details regarding the history of the bed and breakfast. During their lunch together at the Pendleton home, more mysterious events unfold. William’s long-time Chef has mysteriously disappeared, as has his Chauffeur. Their disappearances add to the mystery of the identity of the mummy-like figure which Brenda feels sure are connected. If Brenda can discover what has happened to them, she may solve how a mummy ended up on one of her beds during a Halloween tour. There are no ghosts roaming throughout the stately Sheffield Bed and Breakfast, or so she hopes.
Sweetfern Harbor Bed and Breakfast Cozy Mysteries can be read in one to two hours. It is perfect for those moments when you are waiting at an appointment or want to enjoy a quick read.

Brenda Sheffield at age forty-six is as excited as a young twenty year old thinking of her upcoming wedding. Christmas Eve will present two weddings since her best friend Phyllis Lindsey will participate in a double wedding with her. It isn't until Phyllis tells Brenda of her only wish for a wedding gift that Brenda finds herself involved in a crime that happened five years ago. Phyllis' brother Patrick disappeared one hot July day soon after he began working in Edward Graham's law office. According to Phyllis, Patrick loved his job and though had a restless past, he would never just leave town without telling his sister. The more Phyllis talks the sooner Brenda vows to find out what happened to Patrick. She enlists her fiance's help, Detective Mac Rivers, who tells her it is the one cold case he hopes to one day solve. When Phyllis' fiancé William Pendleton hands boxes of decorations that once belonged to his deceased wife to Brenda to use at the bed and breakfast. She and her father Tim Sheffield go to her apartment in Sheffield Bed and Breakfast and begin to go through the boxes. They are astonished to find letters that appear threatening from the local Mailman Pete Graham to Lady Pendleton. The more they delve into the boxes the more convinced they are that people they once felt upright, were not who they pretended to be. That is, unless Lady Pendleton's husband is involved. Brenda must find the answer before her good friend and Housekeeper at the bed and breakfast marries the wrong man. She knows Patrick won a rare lawsuit against Lady Pendleton and thinks something around that issue caused him to simply disappear without a trace. Could it be that the Mailman, and boyfriend to Phyllis' daughter Molly, be involved? There are other suspects that come to mind as Brenda delves deeper into the mystery. The day she finds footprints in fresh snow becomes the turning point for her. Is Patrick Lindsey dead or alive? She hopes to find him knowing, if alive, he will be able to tell what happened. She promises to solve it before Christmas Eve when she will marry Detective Mac Rivers.
This winter cozy mystery series can be read in one to two hours. It is perfect for those moments when you are waiting at an appointment or want to enjoy a quick read.
After battling with a deadly British Intelligence Agent in her small town of Snow Falls, Alaska, Sarah Garland is grateful that her life is returning back to normal. At least on the outside. Struggling with writer's block and personal pain over her divorce, Sarah knows that a storm is raging inside of her heart. When her new friend, Conrad Spencer, shows up one morning and asks her to travel to Minnesota with him to help him investigate the death of a close friend, Sarah fears a brewing storm capable of capturing everyone she cares about.
After arriving in Minnesota, Sarah is greeted by flooding rain, a condemned hotel, a deadly man who controls the local Chief of Police, two deadly killers, and a series of strange and dark questions that leads her from one rainy corner to another as she chases down the truth. But when the truth manifests itself, Sarah is forced into a dangerous corner filled with razor sharp characters, each deadly in their own way. But as Sarah fights her way out of the corner, she realizes that anger and pain were the responsible characters behind all the faces appearing in the case.
Will Sarah find the truth and save her friends from the grip of a darkness that she herself is afraid to face? Or will she stand strong as the cold Minnesota rain slowly turns into snow as the case unravels?
This winter cozy mystery series can be read in one to two hours. It is perfect for those moments when you are waiting at an appointment or want to enjoy a quick read.

A park ranger is found dead near Diamond Lake, and buried with him in the snow, are the secrets to biological warfare, with the world as its target.

This time, Sarah Garland, Detective Conrad Spencer and her best friend Amanda are all up to their necks in clues, conspiracy, suspects…and danger. Top it off with a mysterious stranger, who blows into town along with the next debilitating snow storm, and soon things begin to heat up in the small town of Snowy Falls.

As this case gets deeper, time becomes more precious as cloaked killers and determined sleuths race against the clock, all to respectively unleash and prevent a deadly virus that could end all of humanity, while suspects and innocent victims are caught up in the crossfires.