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Amelia Wilde is a USA TODAY and Amazon Top 100 bestselling author of steamy contemporary romance and loves it a little too much. She lives in Michigan with her husband and daughters. She spends most of her time typing furiously on an iPad and appreciating the natural splendor of her home state from where she likes it best: inside.

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Amelia Wilde is the author of books: Rich Boss (New York Billionaires, #1), Before She Was Mine (Wounded Hearts #1), Single Dad's Waitress (Main Street Single Dads #1), Rich Prince (New York Billionaires #2), Reckless Kiss (White Rose Billionaires #1), Fearless Kiss (White Rose Billionaires #2), Shameless Kiss (White Rose Billionaires #3), After I Was His (Wounded Hearts #2), King of Shadows (King of Shadows, #1), Crush on You (Bliss Brothers, #1)

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Librarian note: Older cover of B01HNMPTQ2.

I finally met the man of my dreams…and he’s my new boss.

It’s not easy working for the most demanding photography studio in all of New York City. In fact, it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

But the soul-crushing hours are going to be worth it someday. That’s what I keep telling myself. If I keep my head down and power through, I’ll have a glowing reference and a ticket to a stellar career.

It’s all going to plan…until billionaire Jax Hunter buys us out.

It’s hard to focus on photos with him in the office, wearing suits tailor-made for his mouthwatering body. And when he looks at me with those eyes, and whispers such dirty things in my ear…

He’s irresistible.

And our hot office fling is turning out to be far more serious than either of us imagined.

If this goes south, I’ll lose my job.

And it's already too late for my heart...
Amelia Wilde presents the captivating story of a damaged war hero and the one woman he was never supposed to love...

Don’t look. Don’t touch.

Those were the rules.

It took one heartbeat to fall in love with my best friend’s little sister.
One more to know I could never, ever let it show.
So I broke her heart and left her behind to go to war.

She wasn’t supposed to walk back into the wreckage of my life.

Now my Sunny is all grown up. All woman.
She has eyes like liquid heat, curves that beg for my hands, and a mouth that’s hungry for mine.

I shouldn’t look. I shouldn’t touch.

But the rules are no match for one hot, reckless kiss.
And this time, I’m not walking away.
I wasn’t looking for a king.
And now he wants me for his queen.

I’m here to party. That’s why I got on a dating app in the first place. For quick and dirty fun, not a high-speed escape from New York City.

I didn’t swipe right to meet a prince on the run.

But that’s exactly who I found in my favorite bar.

The thing is, he’s just so…hot. So soul-meltingly gorgeous. And I swore I’d never commit to anything, but what’s a spur-of-the-moment vacation to his royal palace?

It’s a transatlantic flight, not a ring on my finger.

Amelia Wilde presents an intense, emotional tale about a wounded warrior fighting his demons and the woman who captures his heart even as she pushes him to his limits.

Wes Sullivan is everything I loathe in a man.

Too strong. Too controlling. Too serious.
He left the Army, but that Army attitude won’t leave him.

And me? My spirit is so free that no man can contain me.
Screw rules. Screw routines. Maintain that element of surprise.

My only job is to get him to the church on time for a wedding.
Kissing him isn’t part of the deal.
Neither is falling for those lightning eyes, for that rock-hard body.

But beneath the bravado is a crack in his armor.
And his smile is a crack in mine.

With every kiss, we’re flirting with disaster.
This could end in heartbreak.
But you know what they say…
There’s only one way to find out.

Coming June 5, 2018
Luther Hades has always been my family’s sworn enemy. He’s the opposite of everything we stand for—ruthless to the core.

I want my freedom, but Hades wants me. And I’ve walked straight into his trap.

There has to be a way out of his fortress of a mansion. I’ll get away—I have to. Even if it costs me everything.

And it will cost me everything: my body, my soul...and my heart.
She’s my new she’s 100% off-limits.

And that’s not all.

Jenny London is the girl everyone overlooked in high school, including me. I had no idea she’d gone from ugly duckling to brunette bombshell until the moment she stepped into my office wearing a red bikini and a smile.

If this is revenge for ignoring her in school, she’s serving it hot. And if it’s not? Doesn’t matter. The sight of her around the office is driving me wild.

Too wild. I have a resort to save and a business to run. I need my head in the game, not tugging down the straps of her bikini.

I have to stop myself from falling. Office romances are forbidden for a reason: to protect the Bliss Resort and its legacy.

But let’s be’s already too late.

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