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Sarah J. Brooks is the author of books: Unexpected Surprise (Irresistible Billionaires #1), Say You'll Stay: An Enemies to Lovers Romance, My Best Mistake, The Billionaire's Fake Marriage, Mine to Protect, My Favorite Mistake, One Night Bride, The Baby Package, One Night Stand, Built for Pleasure: A Contemporary Romance Box Set

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“I miss you, Meg. I’ve missed you for the past ten years. Haven’t you missed me?”

The man who broke my heart ten years ago is back in our small town.
Adam Ducate. My best friend since birth.
His gorgeous blue eyes made him the object of every girl’s fantasy in our entire school.
But it wasn’t just his perfect looks.
He read biographies on the US presidents for fun.
He could count to 100 in seven different languages.
He liked George Romero movies and could recite all the dialogue from Day of the Dead.
In short, Adam was everything every other boy in our grade wasn’t.
So I took the risk and confessed my feelings to him.
Of course, it all crashed and burned in extraordinary fashion.
It crushed my heart when he left my life without a word and married Chelsea instead.
The biggest b*tch ever.
But now he’s back.
And as much as I want to ignore the butterflies in my stomach, I can’t.

They say second chances don’t come around often. But can I trust that Adam will stay with me this time – or will our past keep me running?
I’m a handsome, perfectly built, successful billionaire.
People say I can’t possibly want for anything.
Well, let me give you three reasons they’re dead wrong.
All three of them have the same answer. I need a fake wife.

Lilian Baxter. My sweet, young, next door neighbor.

Reason One
I’ve got the ex from hell. When she tells the judge I can’t look after my own kid, he orders me to get a new wife or else.

Reason Two
She makes me dream the second I set eyes on her.
She’s as innocent as she is beautiful.
And I watch her. I see her through the window.
I blaze with passion when I just think of her.

Reason Three
I want another child. I didn’t realize it until I saw Lilian. Now, every time I look at her, I imagine the love, the happiness, I would get from making a baby with her. Did I say fake wife? Maybe I need to rethink that part!

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The Baby Package
It was a horrible situation.
"I don't want you. Just your baby."
I wanted to say no.
But second chances don't come around often...
Now she's pregnant, and I won't let her go.
Can I stop Julia from running from our past,
and get her to run towards our future?

One Night Stand
I was minding my own business when my new neighbor Nina walked in.
Holy damn sh*t.
I’ve never seen anyone more beautiful.
Too bad she's my sister's best friend.
Plus, my ex-wife is trying reclaim our daughter.
Can I protect my little girl and conquer Nina’s heart at the same time?

Damaged Love
Jeni blew in with the storm, injured and scared.
It’s not safe for her to stay here, but I can’t send her away.
Especially, now that she is carrying my baby.
She’s mine now. And I’m taking back my life.
Those who try to stand in my way can go to hell.
It’s time for this to end.
But can I keep my family safe this time?

Mine to Protect
My billions have a way of getting me in trouble.
But I don't give in to threats. I make them.
Gwen came into my life and brought her secrets with her.
But I have my own secret. She's not leaving without me.
Gwen has to trust me. I protect what's mine.
She can run, but she can't hide. Not from me.
He's her past. I'm her future. There can be only one winner.

Four Reasons to Come: A Reverse Harem Romance
Why pick one guy if there are four reasons to come?
A woman has needs and if one man is not enough to meet them,
I’ll have to look for someone who can.
But some secrets aren’t meant to be told.
Especially if they can change lives forever...

BRAND NEW EXCLUSIVE: Loving my Best Friend’s Brother
I was his playground bride, and he was my broom.
Then Brice had to move away, but now he’s back.
Unfortunately he has some secrets as dark as his eyes.
Our goals seem to be different: He wants to topple a familiar empire,
I want to live in a cottage with a white-picket fence.
But at night beneath the quilts, our desires begin to merge…
Can we have a future together?

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