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Diane Queenston is the author of books: Cowboy Rumours, Lady and her Rogue Lover, A Viking in the Storm, Mail Order Bride: Oregon Destiny, Scandal and the Lady, The Scandalous Duke, Romancing the Highlander, Time For A Mate, Mountain Man and the Duchess, Highlander Inclination

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Brock Stanton and Lily Mayweather were childhood sweethearts, but Lily went off to college and never returned, breaking Brock’s heart. She never intended to come back to Copper Creek, Texas, population three thousand, not for a visit, not unless she absolutely had to. The only reason she’d come back would be family. When her father nearly loses his life, Lily comes back to her hometown, intending to help her father get back on his feet.

Copper Creek has its share of distractions. Brock has matured to a gorgeous cowboy who runs his family’s ranch. He never forgot the girl who broke his heart, the gorgeous redheaded Lily with big town dreams that didn’t include him.

When Brock runs in to Lily, their attraction for each other explodes. Neither wants to let the other go, despite the stresses in their worlds. Lily owns her own business back East, while Brock is tied to his family ranch. Love may not be enough for her and Brock to manage a long-distance relationship, no matter how much their lust burns. It hadn’t worked before, why should they expect it to work now. Older and wiser doesn’t cut the distance thousands of miles will put between them.

Will salvation come from an unexpected place? Will Lily or Brock have to sacrifice their businesses and professional dreams or risk losing each other? Desire and passion make them take chances, and churn up the small town gossip mill that could ruin everything, most especially their renewed bond.

Warning! This ebook contains explicit scenes of passion and desire. For adult eyes only!
Lady Lilibeth Merlyn Grant has been suffering through her stifling existence on her father’s estate in Ulwell, England, close to the sea but far from anything of interest. The youngest of Lord Giles Grant’s five daughters, Lili finds herself longing for anything but the dreadful marriage that seems to sit on her unpromising horizon. Her parents have conspired to wed her to the sweet but painfully dull Duke Elsden Lovell of Corfe Castle, whose inheritance amounts to lands that hardly offer a change of scenery, being a scant few hours’ journey away.

All seems lost until a foreigner stumbles onto the estate one day, dazed and mumbling in an unmistakable French accent. Wary and reluctant, Lord Giles offers this stranger, a certain Monsieur Marcel Comtois, a place to stay despite all the whispers amongst the servants that the man is a rogue and worse, a spy for his countrymen.

But Lili is not prepared for the dazzling devil that she bumbles into in her efforts to see the so-called rogue for herself. After a chance encounter Lili finds herself wondering about this strange man that she knows so little about… and wondering if she can get a grip on herself before she falls head over heels. Is he really a spy? Or an unfortunate traveler, just as he claims? And how can she ever reconcile herself to the fact that the man she is falling in love with will part in just a few days’ time, likely never to be seen in Ulwell again?

Warning! This ebook contains explicit scenes of passion and desire. For adult eyes only!!!
Smart, independent, and perhaps just a bit headstrong, June Brose never imagined that, after a promising college career brimming with intellectual potential, she would end up working at the branch of her local library in a quaint little New England town. She had always hoped for something a little more adventurous, but it seems that shelving and sorting are all that are in the cards for her.

That is, until she is swept away one day, not only to another place but to another time. Her whale watching voyage runs into a strange and entirely unexpected storm; the weather turns violent, and there is little the poor captain can do to steer their little schooner to safe harbor. The ship capsizes, and a drowning June can only hope that she will live through the ordeal.

The next thing she knows June is coughing up brine, trying to drag herself to her feet on the deck of an unfamiliar—but thankfully not capsized—ship. To her utter shock, she finds herself entirely surrounded by what appear to be real life Vikings, who are all staring at her as if she is a ghost. Calder Brandt, the stalwart and handsomely alluring leader of these fierce Vikings, seems to be willing to help his new charge. But can he be trusted? Does he even believe her strange and improbable tale? Will June ever find her way home? And with the way she is falling for Calder, will she even want to return?

Warning! This ebook contains explicit scenes of passion and desire.For adult eyes only!!!
Wes Wright is a reformed criminal-turned-wannabe-rancher who has decided to walk the straight and narrow after a brush with the law in his younger days. A reserved man with a painful past, he comes off as more than cold to his mail order bride-to-be, Johanna Smith, who is also haunted by a past that she is trying to escape.

Originally from New York, Johanna’s dysfunctional family has left her disillusioned with the idea of love. With a brother in jail and few other options, she decides to move on a whim to Oregon to become a stranger’s wife, hoping that it will prove to be at least a better choice than remaining in her uncomfortable home situation.

Her arrival at Wes’ less than ideal homestead is not promising at first. However, Johanna is an independent woman determined to see this venture through to the very end, even if that means that she will have to suffer through years and years of uncomfortable silence with Wes. But will she find the rugged pioneer life in uncharted Oregon too hard for her liking? Will life with her brusque, distant new husband prove to be a new but equal misery to the life she shared with her parents in New York? Or is there a tender heart hidden beneath his rough edges that can make happiness possible?

Warning! This ebook contains explicit scenes of passion and desire. For adult eyes only!!!
The picture of demure elegance, Lady Corinna Field is renowned among the ton for her great kindness and impeccable moral character. And it is because of her great sense of moral responsibility that she accepts an offer of marriage from Lord Stanley Clairefield, a friend of her family for whom she holds no great affection--and even less attraction.

The most handsome and charming nobleman in all of London society, Lord Ronan Hart is a notorious rake who always has restrained himself from charming and romancing his dear friend Corinna Field; thinking her too prim and proper to reciprocate his sinful charms. He respects this avid writer and philanthropist a great deal, and wants to do nothing that would sacrifice a beautiful friendship.

Yet when he realizes that his beloved Corinna is about to marry a man she doesn't love, he realizes--and almost too late--that he himself is deeply in love with her. Using the secret knowledge that he garners from a peek at his friend's closely held journals, he pulls out all the stops to seduce her--realizing her most forbidden fantasies and showing her the romance of a lifetime in the process.

Warning! This ebook contains explicit scenes of passion and desire. For adult eyes only!!!
Gorgeous and wealthy beyond the wildest dreams of any society maiden, Lord Ethan Cole is nonetheless an outcast of London society; one exiled to Paris in the wake of widespread rumors of a scandalous past affair with a married woman. Yet now the bold bachelor is back, seemingly unashamed of his past, and all set to take London by storm; making his first appearance at a grand cotillion where he is not exactly welcomed with open arms.

...except, that is, by Emma Gold. An aspiring author and rebellious woman who resists the empty pageantry of high society, she attends societal events only to do research for the stories that she hopes will form the basis of her life’s work. And although she seeks no husband or suitor at that evening’s cotillion, she nonetheless is intrigued by the man known throughout London as the Scandalous Duke; but only for purposes of research, of course. Surely she could share a dance, a tea, or even something more with this walking mystery of a man without falling madly in love with him—could she not?

And while she would like to model her next literary hero after this handsome, charming gent, he in turn is determined to become the real-life hero of her next grand romance. He realizes that he has met his match in the funny, bright, spirited Emma. Can she resist the charms of the scandalous duke?

Warning! This ebook contains explicit scenes of passion and desire. For adult eyes only!!!
A no-nonsense modern woman with little time for flights of fancy, Ariel reluctantly takes time from her important job as the head of an accounting firm to journey to the highlands of Scotland; bound to serve as a begrudging maid of honor in her sister's historically themed wedding.

Ariel awakes the morning of the wedding to find the Scottish castle that would serve as the site of that day's wedding oddly transformed. Her family has disappeared, as have all semblance of modern conveniences. In their place is Bhaltair- a handsome young Scottish lord looking for a bride of his own.

Strangely unsurprised at her unexpected arrival on the grounds of his palatial manor, Bhaltair does his best to make his guest feel welcome; pampering and romancing her as she adjusts to life in a new place and time. Will he meet his match in a fiery lass who seems to hail from another time?

Warning! This ebook contains explicit scenes of passion and desire. For adult eyes only!!!

Diane hasn’t seen Cort in years, not since leaving her colony for a university several states away. Though she and Cort had been in love, she’d been “encouraged” to go away and after college, Diane never came home.

When Cort runs in to Diane, who has been requested back to town for his crowning, he can’t believe his eyes. The gorgeous curves that won’t end are on the woman of his dreams—the same one who broke his heart years ago. Cort probably should avoid her, but one look at his beautiful friend and her gorgeous voluptuous body and he can’t help being attracted to her .

Diane is just as drawn to gorgeous Cort, who is about to ascend to leadership of their werebear colony. She’d expected the soon-to-be leader to have a mate, someone suitable. Someone not Diane. What the elders didn’t know was how she and Cort fought their explosive attraction to each other a decade ago and how they could only keep thinking about eachother.

Time may have healed the emotional wounds, but it has also stoked the fire between these two individuals. And when Cort and Diane meet again it is as twentysomething adults, with no holds barred and nothing standing in their way. Cort makes the colony’s rules now, and he has one goal in mind—Diane.

This time, he intends to claim his mate, once and for all. Will he succeed?

Warning This ebook contains scenes of passion and desire. For adult eyes only!!!
Zach is a mountain man who earns his living hunting game for food and pelts high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado in 1870. He’s been there for years. But Zach is a lonely man, although he won’t admit it. He aches for a woman to be a married companion to him.

Kate is next in line to be a duchess in England, but she’s living in St. Louis to get away from her aristocratic family who wants to marry her off. She desires to marry a man of her own choosing who will love her for herself and not what the money and title can bring. But now her parents have threatened to cut off her allowance. She has one option: seek a man through the matrimonial section of the newspaper who wants a bride.

Zach finds Kate’s ad in the newspaper and begins a correspondence with her. They exchange photographs through the mail and begin writing to each other. Their love grows and Zach offers his hand in marriage. Kate accepts and travels to Colorado to be with him.

Will Kate be able to adjust from her life of ease to Zach’s existence in the mountains? Will Zach be able to teach her how to be the wife of a mountain man? And will Kate’s family try to use their vast fortune to bring their love to an end?

Warning! This ebook contains explicit scenes of passion and desire.For adult eyes only!!!

Alyse is a graduate student in Scottish history researching the highland clans in the 18th century at the time of the Battle of Culloden. She’s wanted to meet an authentic highlander all her life. One day she takes a trip up to an archeological site above Inverness to prove a thesis. But she’s whisked back in time to the eve of the battle.

Donnan is a lonely highland Scottish sheep farmer tending his flock in 1745 when a woman appears to him at a pond where he is bathing. She is able to communicate with him and he’s excited that a voluptuous woman has appeared before him, ending his years of isolation. He takes her back to his small abode.

Alyse can’t believe her good fortune to have met a real highlander still living the same way his people did hundreds of years ago. She has fallen in love with the man of her dreams, but where is his cell phone so she can call the police and tell them somebody stole all her clothes?

Donnan has decided she’s a gift from heaven and takes this lovely girl back to his hut. She wants his love, he can tell.

But neither of them realize a historical event is about to take place in the next few days. Alyse still thinks she’s in the twenty-first century. Donnan doesn’t know he’s about to be called up to battle. Will their love span space and time?

Warning! This ebook contains explicit scenes of passion and desire. For adult eyes only!!!