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Fiona Starr - book author

Fiona Starr lives her happily ever after in the mountains of Colorado with her hunky husband and their fleet of fur babies.

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Fiona Starr is the author of books: Hidden Power (Academy of Elemental Magic, #1), Forbidden Bond (Academy of Elemental Magic, #2), Shadow Promise (Academy of Elemental Magic, #3), Forever My Love, Dear Lonely Heart (The Matchmaker Series), His Violet (The May Flowers Series), Mr. Platinum, Resolution: Free Fall, Her Roman Candle (The Fireworks Series), Naughty Sleigh Ride

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A shifter, three sexy mages, and an Elemental with magic thought to be extinct… what could possibly go wrong?

I was born the day my parents died—talk about luck. I grew up bouncing around the foster system, never knowing when the rug would be pulled out from under me. Now, I’m twenty-two and while I’m free of the dangers of my childhood, life still isn’t easy.

When a strange couple appears chanting in some weird language, I try to walk away, but the guy whips out a freaking fire lasso and starts making like he’s going to hogtie me right there on the street. That’s when all kinds of crazy breaks loose. Next thing I know, I’m strapped to a bed in what looks like a hospital, I can’t speak, and some woman is telling me I’m a Vox Elemental, which leaves me a choice between getting shipped off to a magic school to train my voice or be silenced forever.

Of course I choose the school; who wouldn’t? Turns out my new home is a highly competitive, cut-throat academy where one wrong step could cost me everything. I promise myself that I’ll work hard and get free, which all goes out the window when I meet not one, not two, but four of the hottest guys I have ever seen, and they are definitely not part of the curriculum. As if juggling new relationships, a new school, and some rather testy mean girls weren’t enough, there’s also someone or something making a meal out of the student body—literally. Add that to the things I have to manage. Assuming I survive…

Some luck, huh?

Publisher’s note: Academy of Elemental Magic is a full-length reverse harem supernatural fantasy academy series with magic and steam meant for mature readers.
They’re the ones in power, so why are they are so afraid of me?

Newly minted magic user? Check.
Hot-as-hell boyfriends who want only me? Check.
A fresh start after surviving a murderous attack? Yeah, about that…

They said choosing a life at Stormwood Academy wouldn’t be easy. But nobody mentioned it would make me a target. Another thing they forgot to mention—the secret faction that wants me dead. I thought the class system died an appropriate death, but it’s alive and well and those in power would like it to stay that way, thank you.

But I opted-in to this life, and in the process chose four incredible men who have also chosen me. I’ll be damned if I’ll let anyone take away what my men and I found. There’s a sinister underside to this magic world, and its sights are set on me.

So even though I am happier than I’ve ever been in many ways, the powers that be are turning a blind eye to those who want to exterminate me and destroy the bonds I have created. I might have a thing or two to say about that.

**Reverse Harem fans will want to one-click the exciting sequel in this steamy paranormal academy romance series.**

Upcoming release dates:
Hidden Power: January 23, 2020
Forbidden Bond: February 27, 2020
Shadow Promise: March 31, 2020

Publisher’s note: Academy of Elemental Magic is a reverse harem supernatural fantasy academy series with magic and steam meant for mature readers.
My enemies’ strength comes from working in the shadows. I am about to drag them into the light.

The hits just keep coming.

I’ve managed to survive my first semester at Stormwood Academy. Now we’re on break preparing for the new term, which for most people means fun vacations and sleeping in. But for me and the guys, we’re in hiding. Sound’s great, right? What could be better than being holed up with four hot, powerful mages who are all mine?

Well, like everything in life, it comes at a price.

...More to come...

Reverse Harem Academy fans will want to one-click this exciting reverse harem steamy paranormal romance.

Academy of Elemental Magic series:
Hidden Power
Forbidden Bond
Shadow Promise

Publisher’s note: Academy of Elemental Magic is a reverse harem supernatural fantasy academy series with magic and steam meant for mature readers.
If love was certain, they wouldn’t call it falling.

I’m not much of a lady’s man. I don’t want a date; I want a mate. Can’t we just skip all the awkward stuff?

My sister assures me this matchmaker service is the real deal. I sign up to humor her, then I’m blown away.

Claire is everything I could have asked for and more. She’s charming, funny, and she gets me. But everything falls apart when she finds out I can’t give her the one thing she wants most: a family.

Claire thinks I lied. I have to make her see there’s honor in this lonely heart.

#lovethruletters #hea #lovestory #yesitscertain #matchmaker
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The new year is shaping up to be just like the old one: boring, routine, and most of all, lonely. Which is a gut-punch considering all my besties are getting rings on their fingers and buns in their ovens.

When I meet Ben on New Year’s Day I know it’s not a coincidence; the Universe is testing me. He’s my ideal man — single, handsome as hell, and he’s looking at me like I’m the girl of his dreams.

One problem: He wants no-strings … and I’m looking for a happily-ever-after.

When fate forces Ben and me together, I know I’m in trouble.

Why does a man so wrong for me feel so right?

Pack your chute and jump in to the latest in the Blaze Mountain Ranch collection!

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Santa comes once a year … or does he?
Join sixteen of your favorite romance authors as they make all of your Christmas wishes come true!
Put out the milk, he’ll take care of your cookie — it’s time to take seat on Santa’s lap.

* * *

All Aboard! This ride’s going down.

Amelia’s got her heart set on the ranch next to her family’s ski resort. It’s the perfect gift to herself, something to call her very own.

Damon’s home to help his parents shut down their ranch and retire to the desert. While he’s here he’s managing the horses for the mountain sleigh ride tours.

When fate throws them together, sexy sparks fly sky high.

Little do they know they are each other’s perfect Christmas present.

Come along for the ride… it’s naughty and nice, with a little spice!